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Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Awkward and Awesome happens over on one of my new favourite blogs The Daybook. You might have noticed the very lovely 'badge' on the right hand side of this blog. No? Look over just now and give it a click. Go on!!

I decided last week to join in this regular post Awkward and Awesome Thursday so it'll appear here along with my regular Thursday Three post. Hopefully I cna manage two posts in one day...!

Here goes...


  • Almost burping when a student came to the office to collect her essay.
  • Falling over the strap on my bag.
  • Realising that folk can here you mumble and 'sing' your way through a Lady Gaga song whilst in the photocopy room photocopying book chapters. 'Twasn't me, no sireee! Good job I wasn't dancing too...
  • Being caught staring hat little bit too long at a nice boy I came across at the airport. He was rather lovely.


  • Receiving a fab email from an old new friend yesterday.
  • Getting my blogging mojo back. Yay to me, could be bad news for you, ha ha.
  • I bought The Tiger Who Came To Tea book for Ryan for his 5th Birthday which doesn't happen until June. But it's awesome so I planned ahead. It was delivered today.
  • Meeting new friends on my daytrip down south last weekend. It really was awesome.
  • Receiving a few tweets from your Twitter crush, always nice.
  • Making plans for my trip to London in April. So cannot wait for this trip.
  • Trying my first every Krispy Kreme doughnut. It was scrumptious. I chose the Ltd Ed. Strawberry Glamour glaze. yum yum. Does anywhere near here sell these? Glasgow? Edinburgh?
  • Coming home to an early birthday card. Don't worry i haven't opened it but I do recognise the writing Mrs Woodall!!  :-)
That's all for now I think. I'll have more to share next Thursday. 
Be Awkward, Be Awesome you fantastic people
Angela xx



  1. Ah. Thank you for reminding me of the greatness of "When the Tiger Came to Tea." I must revisit this classic.


  2. First Krispy Kreme????Tip: Classic glazed while warm. Heaven...pure heaven!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!
    When i saw that book I knew i had to buy it for my nephew. He'll be going into proper school in August so lots of reading then.

    I want to find somehwere cose by me that sells them. Then i will definitely try while warm. My mouth is watering already



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