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Happy Birthday Twitter

Monday, 21 March 2011

Today is the 5th birthday of Twitter. Which means that Ryan is nearly the same age as Twitter. Nearly. It won't be long until he's blogging and tweeting on his new iPad2!

I've read a lot of tweets and blog posts about Twitter today and what it means to different people and i thought I should add my two pence worth into the mix.

For me Twitter has given me an outlet to share stuff. Blog posts, pictures and my general thoughts and feelings and stuff and people. I like the immediacy of Twitter. It's generally the first place I turn to if i want to find out the latest new on something, the latest war, who's been put out of X Factor, what's going on at loads of other events.

Most of all it has brought people into my life that I would otherwise never had met or had the chance to meet as we move in such different circles. But here I am, 2 years on Twitter back in February, and I was off down to Luton to meet a great bunch of people I now consider good friends and it all came about due to Twitter.

Twitter has allowed me to talk to @Sacca on a few occasions. I mean, I never knew there was a place called Truckee until I stumble across him. Then there's Raam Dev, all the way over there in Boston (currently). One of the most grounded and lovely people on Twitter. Plus his pictures from Kennedy Space Centre and shuttle launches are ace, as is his blog. There's also Kat from Rock n Roll Bride blog which is my latest obsession. I have to have a look at it each morning but i can't seem to link it so that it appears in my Blogs i Love! There's those nice folk from @Audi who are funny and engage sometimes. I'm still trying to wangle a free A1, help me, #AudiA1forAnge, tweet it. Go!! Oh I could list a reason for each person that I follow but you'd get bored. Sorry for not mentioning all my usual Twitter crew whom I tweet with regularly, I love you guys.

I went through the list of people I follow on Twitter to see if I could cut it down as it gets a bit crazy sometimes but barring a few there weren't many I did unfollow. And I realised that percentage wise, about 50% of the people/brands I follow don't tweet me back. Which for me is fine because it's things like people who put out lots of design links (i follow loads of these), there are news services, the odd celeb who'll never really tweet you but i like to know that Lance Armstrong just rode up a hill with his son Max or that Andy Murray beat his brother in a practice match in Miami or even that Edith Bowman is currently running along a beach in Brazil and it's overcast. I love knowing these wee snippets of their lives we'd never ever been able to find out had it not been for Twitter.

You can read the story of Twttr and how it all went live here at Jack's Tumblr blog. Inneresting indeed.

In conclusion, Twitter is lots of information; lots of gossip; somewhere to go when i can't sleep (you can usually find someone in another time zone to have a wee chat with). I've written some posts here and here on my Twitter thoughts. It has given me a new lease of life and a new life. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I LOVE IT.

Jack, Biz and Florian I thank you for it, truly.

Tweet ya later on @Ange77H

Angela xx


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