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2012 Olympics, amongst other things

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Olympic tickets went on sale today. Will you be getting any? I want to go but as usual there's no-one to go with. That's the thing about being eternally single. There's no salt to my pepper no ice cream to my raspberry sauce nobody to watch the Olympics with. Dang. When will I ever, ever, meet a nice guy? Tell me that someone.

I digress....I will apply for tickets but I'll deliberate over which ones to get since the price ranges from £20 to £100 for the stuff i actually want to go and see. By the way £100 is one of the cheaper tickets! In my mind they have priced most average earners right out the Olympic park, so to speak. I mean a normal family of four probably can't afford to go to any more than one days events, by the time you add in food and a programme? It'll likely be a fiver for a cup of juice, more if you 'want to go large?'. Aah the Big Society is great isn't it.

Talking of which I saw a wee snippet of news that said Oxford University is going to be charging the £9000 maximum amount for tuition fees. Pricing it even more out of the league of a family with an average income never mind a low end income. Disgrace. This only goes to cement the belief that certain institutions will become more elitist than they are and a certain calibre of person will not be able to attend them. Gah. Shite.

Talking of news, I've been watching the ever changing news from Japan and I'm beginning to think they actually want one of those nuclear reactors to blow so that they can get a story. I've lost count of the number of experts they have on who are talking with caution and always saying they're unsure of the radiation levels, if anything has actually been released, that it's totally different from Chernobyl in many ways including the fact that the reactors in Japan were shut down after the initial earthquake, even after all of that they news headline always includes the words nuclear and meltdown putting the frighteners into everyone. I've already seem people on Twitter talk about why were the plants built on a volatile earthquake zone, shady workmanship by contractors who built them and the Japanese hiding information about previous radiation leaks. For me that is quite bad taste so soon after the event. This is real, it's happening just now to real people and there has to be a blame game at all then surely it can wait.

Which reminds me, if you can, you should probably donate something to help. Shelterbox or the British Red Cross would greatly appreciate your help.

I'll finish where i started, 2012 Olympics.

The countdown clock they put up in Trafalgar Square stopped working. Not a good advert for Omega, that official timings sponsor! Maybe its a sign of what's to come...and maybe that's an old wives tale. Whatever, I'm quite looking forward to them. I can remember a time when they were 7 years away and now it's but a matter of a few months. I think we have a great chance of a few medals. Let's do it!

Angela xx



  1. Re: the Olympics, a new show started on BBC4 last night called 2012. Fake fly on the wall documentary about the delivery committee. Very dry, very funny. Worth hunting down a repeat, or hitting up the iPlayer for. Next one is 10pm next Monday :)

  2. I couldn't agree more with your comments on the nuclear situation in Japan. I have lost what little time I had for Sky news as their anchors were practically begging for a mushroom cloud, even though the scientist still sat to their right had just explained that a nuclear reactor is not a nuclear bomb. And "I told you so" tweets from celebs with reference to nuclear power is beyond belief. Personally if i want guidance on the nuclear safety question there are one or two people I would turn to first before the celebs.

    My first ever blogg comment BTW.

  3. @ Rob
    I'll have to look for that programme on iPlayer or something. Will you be going along to anything?

    @ Dave
    Hello. Thanks for stopping by. Sadly there still seems to be no good news about these reactors in Japan. Hopefully it won't end in a complete meltdown.
    Do you have a blog?


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