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I Like It When You Smile

Monday, 28 March 2011

Taking photos is a great hobby of mine. Ever since I got my iPhone that has become my main source of mostly pointing and shooting scenes or moments in time. I do have a very Panasonic Lumix TZ7 digital camera and have not really utilised the features fully. If your follow my daily tweets on Twitter or Instagram photos then you'll know I mostly post food, Ryan or sunset pictures. But on browsing my pictures saved onto a portable hard drive I realise that i've taken some great photos. I have LOTS, I mean LOTS, of favourites but one of my all time favourites has to be the one below...

The reason i chose this picture was because when i look at it i;m reminded of an amazing times in my life. The trek to Nepal. There I am sitting there in the middle of the Himalayas. Mt Everest is somewhere around the corner to my left. I was so near and yet so far, because as you know I never made it to Everest Base Camp. It's funny I should be blogging about this now as on Thursday it will be 2 years to the day since I set off on that journey. At that point I was really low. Hacking cough, aching ribs, wind blowing dust all over my face and if you look closely enough you may see some snot on my sleeve. (sorry!). I was never so glad of those glasses to hide my puffy red eyes from the tears. We'd just watch the rest of the group set off to try to make it to Base Camp and back to Namche Bazaar in 2 days. No easy task I assure you. I remember sitting there, Peter took this picture and Mingma our sherpa turned around and they were talking about mountains in front of us. (You can't quite see the scale but i assure you they were HUGE). I laughed at one point and Mingma said 'I like it when you smile'. It gave me the little boost I needed and we headed down into Pherice, home of the Himalayan Rescue Association hospital, to a near 5 star lodge for a cuppa and a sit down toilet - luxury.

As I sit here typing I have a slight tear in my eye recalling memories. But they are good memories. It was an amazing life changing experience and has contributed lots to the person I am today. I will never forget it or the people. More photos here.


Angela x


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