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Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's been another quick week. Time is flying in and there's been highs and lows this week, for me. I've not done my Thursday Three post this week as I can't really think of any. So I'm throwing it open to you, the readers. Can you suggest any topics for Thursday Three posts that haven't been covered before? There must be some. Leave a comment below. If I keep coming up with topics myself then they'll be all safe and not challenge me to commit to writing about stuff that I may not necessarily want to write about. So go on, any suggestions please leave a comment below.

An update on where i am on a few things. Lent. Giving up chocolate and sweet things with my mum. She's stuck to is. I not so much. I've totally cut back on it thought. You see I seriously think I'm addicted. I wish I wasn't. I wish my sweet tooth wasn't there but I turn to it in times of crisis. Which you'll read as just a bunch of excuses. I suppose that's what they are but pick the one thing you love, coffee, green tea, bread and then try to give it up, see what happens. I have cut back, lots and lots. I just need to wean myself off it. I'll keep you posted.

I'm so chuffed with myself that I've kept up this blogging every day of March malarkey. Granted I'm not blogging about information that is vital to world peace but nonetheless it's showing me that I can stick to something if i really really put my mind to it.

I'm sitting watching the every present news channels and anti-aircraft gunfire and missiles being shot up into the skies over Tripoli in Libya. What's it all about? (alfie). I struggle to find a time when I've never heard of wars on the tellybox. I'm not that naive though, i do know sometimes it has to be done. But oh dear. Does it? I drove around last night and remembered pictures from Kosovo (that was terrible wasn't it?). Mass graves. Pictures of women and children being shot. Terrible. I was still at school then and had never really seen anything like that. Then there was Shock and Awe in Iraq. I remember sitting one Friday night after getting in from work and watching wave after wave of explosions at various palaces. Then who can forget when the statue of Saddam Hussein was brought down i that square and they all started battering it with their shoes. Now this. When will it all stop? Probably never. There will always be something won't there.

And on that note I'm off. To the cinema. To get away from this misery for a few hours.
Be safe. Be good. Play nice. And if there's only one thing you do for me please give me some comments for my Thursday Three topics, please?


Angela xx



  1. @annainterrupted20 March 2011 at 21:10

    If you want a challenge I have a Thursday three topic but it may require a bit of thinking time so... Three turning points in your life. Three events which changed the course of your life, or the person you have become.

  2. Oh Anna they are good topics. Might be a bit challenging but i'll give them a go. Thanks for the suggestion.


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