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Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm coming to the end of my month long blogging challenge. I'm really pleased that I've started it and that I've managed to see it through to the end, nearly, i will continue it until the end of March. Admittedly I'm running out of things to blog about now. I actually wrote a blog post on Thursday night on the train home from the EdTwestival. When i say wrote i actually wrote it in a notebook with a pen and paper. Not the details but brief notes to myself on what i wanted to say in that particular post. The trouble is it may be a little bit too personal to publish here in this space. I'm going to weigh it up. I shall let you know. Maybe.

Which seems to be the story of my life just now...that word... Maybe. I was told a few weeks ago to stop saying it and I tried but it's jut that i have all these great ideas that i want to get out there and Maybe i will. I have all these great blog posts that i want to get out there, maybe. I have so many things i want to tell people, some of you may even be reading this and maybe i will, maybe i won't. I need to be courageous. I've been getting better recently too but something deep down inside of me just tugs on my internal hoodie and pulls me back by the neck so that the words never actually come out of my mouth. Sure I've read all the quotes about living each day like its your last, you'll only regret what you've never done blah blah but when you have that internal fear about what may go wrong all the time then it's not so easy. Signs of my progress included heading all the way to Edinburgh on Thursday night and walking into a mobbed venue by myself when i only knew about 5% of the people there. I'd never have done that a few years ago, no siree. So see, getting better.

Any tips to pass on to me? how do you overcome your fears? how do you deal with having to tell someone something? be it a good something or a bad something, how? I'd love you to share your secrets with me. Oh and if you have any questions check yesterday's post. 

Losing that hour has caught up with me, but it's SUMMER!! wahey! Can hardly wait
Angela x


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