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Sunday, 6 March 2011

It arrived and now it's nearly over. My birthday that is. Yes today was my birthday, in case you didn't know it. I woke to lots of messages and birthday wishes on Twitter, Facebook and email. There was so many i found it hard to keep up. But to each and everyone of you i'm truly grateful you took time to send me a little message. It made all the difference.

I spent the day as i wanted. Cinema trip first off, then i tried shopping for new jeans. Blah, they didn't fit me, i need to lose weight, gah. I came home had tea and a cupcake with mum and dad then headed off for a lovely meal with my sister, the two boys and my cousin Brian. The boys were well behaved and Ryan summed my day up perfectly when he said in the car on the way home "that was a wonderful dinner, Angie". So cute.

Thanks all you special people who, although you weren't here, i knew you were sending me good wishes.

Love you all

Angela xx


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