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Awkward and Awesome ii

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Here's how my week shaped up in terms of Awkwardness and Awesomeness...

  • When your friend from Australia wishes you happy birthday then reminds you that you still have an email to send them from months ago!! I will send it this week Bernie :)
  • Trying on jeans and they don't fit. Grrrr....
  • Sitting on a spin bike with a ripped up seat then not wanting to move in case folk think you're weird. I mean its only a ripped up seat.
  • Spilling a piece of dunked soggy bicsuit down your top when drinking your first cup of tea of the day and then having to walk around with the stain showing all day long.
  • The dry skin on my hands. It's not so bad just now but oh so very annoying.
  • Reading a blog post from a copywriter that had a few spelling mistakes. Awkward for them, not me.

  • It was my birthday on Sunday and I was woken by the sound of lots of Facebook and Twitter messages wishing me a happy birthday. It certainly was awesome.
  • I got a gorgeous hat from a friend for my birthday and it was totally unexpected. It can be seen on my Pinterest birthday wish list board.
  • Having a Monday off work as a holiday. It's the simple things.
  • My first attempt at baking cupcakes was a huge success. So much so that I'm going to bake more, for all occasions. Woo!
  • The help I got from someone on Twitter when I was totally flummoxed by adding a list to a page to see posts on one topic - Awkward and Awesome. It worked, finally, at half past midnight one night last week. Phew.
  • Reading a cool book and circling and highlighting parts i want to quote at everyone.

How awkward and awesome was your week?

Angela xx

daily drop cap letter H used at the start of this post.


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