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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

As the month of March draws to a close i'm wondering what the worth is in posting every day. I'm starting to really run out of ideas for blog posts. You might be able to tell...

I think from my little challenge to myself I'm realising that for me blogging every day doesn't work. However, I do think an every other day post will be fine so i'm going to try to do that after March and onwards. I've not written a list of potential post titles down yet but I'll start. To generate ideas and get the juices flowing. Because as you know, this blog isn't about preaching at you about social media, since every one and their aunty does that, no this blog is about me and my journey through life. That means sometimes there'll be good days and sometimes there'll be bad days but all posts are genuine and real. That is what I'm most proud of. Keeping it real in a sea of fakery that exists out there.

I happened upon someone today on Twitter who is running a blogger meet up in Edinburgh. She is @miss_smidge and her blog is here. I'd really lke to go along to one of those. Anybody been? Let me know.

Sorry, short and sweet post today.

Angela x


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