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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Awkward and know the drill.

  • I can't think of any just now but will update. I suppose this is kinda awkward? Not being able to wrtie and awkward moment from the past week....

  • Lady Gaga song Born This Way. I just love it. I love her 'fuck you I'll do it my way' attitude. Her work ethic takes a lot of beating. She is the ultimate enterpreneur, a real one not a playing at it one.
  • Emails and texts from a friend. They help when you are feeling a little bit low and not at your best.
  • The Edinburgh Twestival. EdTwestival, that i went to last week. It was a good night and well worth the £10 ticket. The atmosphere was good and it was pretty busy without being too cramped in the fab venue. Well done to all who put that together and made it happen.
  • New jeans that i spied in a shop in town. They are awesomely colourful and summery and i will lose a bit of weight and wear them all through summer. Sorted.
Angela x


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