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Awkward and Awesome

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Today hasn't been the best. It's amazing what a few words from a couple of people can do. Anyway, I always like Awkward and Awesome from The Daybook and here's mine...


  • When people in your appraisal tell you that you sometimes look unhappy and ask if you are ok, and all you really want to do is tell them that no you're not fucking ok.
  • When you lose all your dignity by nearly choking in the dentist chair then start slobbering whilst rinsing your mouth out with the mouthwash stuff and there's blood dripping too. Not a good look.
  • When you sweated your own bodyweight at spin class and you get off the bike and it looks like you've pee peed but you haven't, you've just worked really hard at class. I call it the stain of pain (and i just made myself laugh and cringe at the same time there... the stain of pain!! I'm trademarking that).


  • People you can call friends. Who are there no matter what. Them. You are one of them.
  • Pinterest. It is the most awesome thing on the web for me just now. I love pinning. I love looking at other peoples pins. I love everything on there. Go check my pins out HERE.
  • Colourful stuff. I love colours, rainbow colours. Tonight i'm embarking on a rainbow of colour crafty project. Get some colour in your life.
  • That I'm still up to date with doing a blog post each day of March. I actually love this challenge. So much so I may continue it into April and beyond, no promises though. Thanks for reading if you are. And if you are, please do leave a comment. I love to read and reply to them.
  • Ryan and Connor. They really are awesome. They were waiting on me coming home from work the other night. I swear to god, if you are ever lucky enough to meet Ryan it will be the greatest gift i could ever give you. He'll be a little quiet at first but he'll soon come round to you. Here they are having fun.

  • Talking of videos, have you all got Socialcam on your iPhone? It's great, I'm just getting used to it but will be utilising a lot in the future. Get it here.

I'll have more next week. Let us know how awkward and awesome your week has been, then drop the link over at The Daybook.

Angela xx


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