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Nearly forgot

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I didn't nearly forget to post. Truth be told I've not a clue what to write today.

It's Pancake Tuesday. I haven't eaten any pancakes. Everyone else seems to have been making them all day. Pancakes remind me of my Pappy. Whenever he visited us from Law, he used to bring a beaten up Tupperware box filled with freshly made pancakes and soda scones. My sister preferred the soda scones, me the pancakes. I wish for those days again, getting a tupperware box filled with pancakes. Then when he left, he took his box back for next time and gave us a fiver each. But one day the next time never came. He visited us just after Christmas one year, about two weeks later he was gone. Taken from us too early because although he was about 83, he was a spritely 83 year old who walked every day and went to the dancing in Wishaw every Saturday night.

Anyway this wan't going to be a post about anything and ended up about something. I never got the beaten up old tupperware box but I did get his large mixing bowl and set of bottle green brass scales, complete with little brass weights.

Isn't it amazing how food can stir up some memories in each of us.

I dedicate this post to John Higgins, my wonderful Pappy.

a teary Angela xx


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