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Decisions and Skinny Jeans

Monday, 7 March 2011

Today, after much lazing about with the boys, I popped off into town to see if i could buy something nice with my birthday money. I kinda had my heart set on a new pair of jeans. Straight cut jeans, most definitely not bootcut. Imagine my surprise when all that appears to be in the shops is Skinny fit, Ultra skinny fit, high waisted and bootcut. Damn. I found one of the last pair of Martha straight cut jeans in Topshop and went to the changing rooms. I got them on but lets just say they totally emphasised my more than ample thighs and hips. They were okay but i wasn't happy with then so I didn't buy. There were nice straight cut jeans in River Island but they were all patches and with details at the knees and I'm looking for a nice plain pair of jeans that can be dressed up. It seems you need to be a drainpipe to wear jeans this season, because if shops think that any size more than a 12 can carry off a pair of skinny jeans they're having a laugh. I'm definitely a 12 just now (the biggest I've been for a wee while!!) and I can tell you skinny jeans do not look good on me. I hate to see a bigger girl squeezed into them... sorry I just do. Bootcuts are better for my shape but I hate wearing them all the time.

So a decision was made. Well it was the other day between me and my mum. Tomorrow is pancake Tuesday but it's also the start of Lent. Traditionally a time when you give something up. I've forgotten the reasons why, anyone?...  So we decided on Saturday that we are giving up sweeties ans sweet things/cakes for Lent. I'm doing it for totally selfish reasons, because I want to get into two pairs of very nice Gap jeans I've had in my cupboard from my skinnier days. I WILL get back into them. I so will. This will take a lot of my inner strength and will power to give up the sweet stuff. But it's like doing this blog everyday, so far i have stuck to that promise so hopefully my will power can take me through this journey ahead. Jeebus, you'd think it was a huge deal... well it kinda is to me. I think i am addicted. It would be like giving up coffee for some I expect. But I feel I have to do it. I think I can do it. I hope I can do it. If you're in my company and you see me with a sweetie, you have permission to slap me down. Ha ha.

I figure it's about time I take responsibility for my own actions and being slimmer than I currently am is one thing that annoys me because its hard. So the skinny jeans will be mine. Let's do this! Help me if you can!...

Angela xx


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