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Reaching a goal

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reaching a goal can be hard. So hard. do you set your goals to high? Or is the motivation to get there, not there? I set myself a goal way way back a the start of the year. I never told anyone about it really. It hangs on the side of my media unit in the form of a little speech bubble post it note. It's silly if you think about it but not to me.


Anyway, i tried. Tried to reach that goal over the first 7 months of this year. It just wasn't happening. Not for the lack of trying. Plenty of things were getting in the way of this goal which should be simple to do but for me wasn't.

And then over the past 4 weeks things just fell into place. They literally fell off me. The weight that is. For that is what my goal was. To lose 1 stone this year. I like many other women, never seem to lose weight. I'd even decided spin classes were bulking my legs up and making me put on weight. But it was none of that. It was simply eating the wrong things and my sweet tooth.

But circumstances have dictated that for the past 4 or 5 weeks i've gone off sweet things. Or, even better, i've been able to stop eating until I feel sick. That and the stress and fuzzy tummy you get when you meet someone new have all contributed to my weight loss and I like it. Mum has already commented that i'm too thin, but you know what parents are like. They'd feed you till you burst. Me i'd say ideally i'd like another 6lbs off.

Why are we never happy with our weight ladies? Ah yes that's right, because the 'perfect' woman is blasted at us from all angles of the magazine pages. I don't know why I'm saying that because in all honesty i've not bought a woman's / fashion magazine for over a year, and the last one i did buy i observed that over half of it was adverts and stupid promotional stories. No real content.

So in short, i've kinda nearly reached my goal. I'm 8st 12lb and before the year (month) is out i intend to be around 8st 5lb. Oh and to help things along I started running again! 3km on Monday I ran! Big news for me. No knee trouble (touch wood), things are looking up.

Now, what shall i challenge myself to next?...

Angela x


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  1. You've started running???

    Woooooohooo! u never mentioned it to me directly - shame on you lady!

    Well done ;)



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