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5 Things on a Friday #10

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ok ok I'm again a little bit late with this post. It is Sunday after all. But here goes.

1) my cake baking skills came into their own last week. I baked two batches of cupcakes and decorated them. Then I quickly rustled up some of my famous mars bar ay bake cakes. Tasty, tasty, very very tasty, they're very tasty!

2) Linda came back to work after he maternity leave. Just for two days a week but the place is so much brighter with her around. We can go back to our laughs and sayings for the book we'll eventually write. It'll be called. Shit Administrators Say... ;)

3) had another two cheeky days off. They're not really cheeky. I do actually deserve (and need) them. I w meant to only have Friday off but I took Thursday off too. It was my birthday on Tuesday and well, it didn't go to plan so I took time out.

4) I got to spend time with Connor on his own without Ryan. He's funny and charming and has a killer wit for a two year old.

5) I saw This Mean War this week. I like a rom com, I'm a girl after all. It actually was pretty funny at parts and was a surprise. Tom Hardy is so lovely, even with his wonky teeth (all part of his charm). I wonder if this will be a film he will regret making. Maybe not but with his roles being more of a serious nature I was pleasantly surprised at his comedy value. Did I also mention how hot he is? He is. It was a good rom com with a bit of action, not real action but some. Reece Witherspoon is her usual smily, blonde, beautiful self. Does she ever look bad? I don't think do. Worth a watch.

Angela x


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