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Pink lips? ok then...MAC Viva Glam Nicki

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ever since i can remember I've been searching for the perfect pink lipgloss. I thought I'd found it a few times back in the day but they were either too sticky, too 80's, too bright or just not me. Then for years all i wore on my lips was Burt Bee's lip balm from the cute yellow tin with the bee on it. It smells minty and does my lips wonders. It's never far from my side. I can't really take Vaseline on my lips. To greasy and thick and gloopy. Then i bought a couple of MAC lipglasses a few years back, Underage and Angel. Underage is a beige nude gloss that kinda goes streaky on my lips. It's nice though. Angel was a limited edition about 5 or 6 years ago (I think?). It's more a pale cream pink. It was my go to lip colour of choice for a night out (rare!).

Lately, for about a year now, I've gotten more and more into lipsticks. All from MAC. I bought Shy Girl and Hue which are really pretty similar shades if I'm honest. Shy Girl is a bit darker than Hue. It's a creamsheen. Hue is a glaze finish. I prefer Hue. It's a pale nude pink, less pink more nude really. It feels good on and i like wearing it for every day wear. I shy away from bright colours... or so i thought, until recently.

This week i bought the MAC Viva Glam Nicki. This is the collaboration with Nicki Minaj. I don't care for her much but since i bought the bought the OPI Pink Friday Nicki collaboration i decided I'd get this one. It's all part of my 'step outside my comfort zone' from my 35 things in my 35th year list. Also, 100% of the cost goes towards the MAC Aids foundation. Helping a good cause as well as getting nice pink lips. 20 bonus points.

It's a bright yellow pink. I don't see the yellow myself (I never really understand those brand descriptions). On me it's a pink edging towards fuchsia with still a little warmth in it. It's a satin finish which feels nice on me. I wore it on the weekend and like to wear a thin layer then blotted out with my finger. Just enough bright pink for me.

I tried to swatch it (below) but you can never really get a true representation of the actual colour, can you.

it looks a bit coral here. perhaps that's the yellow in their description

love the red accent on the packaging (for the MAC aids foundation)

this is with a flash and is a bit out of focus. Much more pale pinker here than real life 
 Angela x


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