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5 Things on a Friday #9

Friday, 2 March 2012

1. It actually felt like Spring this week for the first time. I'm soaking it in. Snow is predicted next few weeks. Boo.

2. Ryan learned to type on the iPad. For a five year old this is pretty cool, considering the iPad keyboard is all in capitals it can be hard for him to recognise the letters as he's learned the shape of them now. Actually, I just looked down (I'm typing this on the laptop) and the characters on this keyboard are also in capitals. I hadn't really thought about that until now. Here's an example. If you ask him about the letter A, he'll draw a circle with a line down, a lower case, but on the keyboard it's obviously a different shape. Like I say i'd never really given this a thought but imagine as a kid seeing different letters from the ones you are learning? He'll be quick to learn all the letters both lower and upper case soon enough at school but he's pretty savvy as a five year old so i'm sure he'll pick it up on the iPad soon enough too. As long a she knows how to type Fireman Sam into YouTube he's happy.

3. I had a little trip to Edinburgh last weekend and got my fix of yummy beef quesidilla from Illegal Jacks. Yum.

4. I treated myself to lots of new bits n bobs including some gorgeous Laure Mercier coral nail polish. Jelly like and so great for spring/summer.

5. I found more great blogs to read. Love it when that happens by chance.

I know, a bit of a lame list but to be honest things are quiet around these parts lately.

Angela x



  1. i've only ever been to Illegal Jacks once, when I was through in Edinburgh on a blogger meet-up, but I loved it in there. My mouth is watering right now at the thought of mexican food...

  2. Yeah it's pretty chilled and relaxed. After a few mishaps with a burrito i decided the quesadilla was best for me. So yum.


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