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Cabana - NOTD by Laura Mercier

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So I gave in to some hype that surrounded a beauty product. Nothing new. This time nails. The colour Cabana. This colour is from the Laura Mercier spring 2012 range (sold out most places). It's a true coral. I don't want to say coral pink because it leans towards orange too depending on the lighting. All I knew from the descriptions and previous posts I'd read was that I didn't have this colour in my now extensive nail polish collection and I had to have it. It sold out most places but i managed to order it from House of Fraser website for £12.50, the last bottle!

It arrived 5 days later and I set about painting it on. In the bottle it looks pinky coral. On my nails, on my pasty white skin colour, it definitely leans towards the orange side of coral. I wore it for a few days but have decided its not for me. It is a beautiful colour, just not on my skin tone. I mean, when I saw it on The Beauty Look Book blog I wanted it immediately. Honestly, go check that blog out for the true colour that made me fall in love with it.

In the pics below I still can't seem to capture the true colour whether in artificial light or day light. It's a cream colour that dries to look jelly like. I painted two coats but I could still see nail below. Go for three if that kind of thing bothers you. It doesn't bother me really. The formula was good for application, as was the brush. The brush is kinda wide, well not too wide but wider than say a Chanel brush. Bonus. What i will say was that it was fiddly to apply, the brush was attached to a big chunky lid. It would have been okay had the brush been longer length but I had to make sure I didn't touch nails with the lid when moving on to the next nail, if you see what I mean. It was a bit awkward to hold the lid/brush in my hand. But back to the actual brush. It held enough formula on it that you could cover the whole nail in three strokes. A thin layer obviously.
Laura Mercier Cabana

this is probably the truest colour capture

I tend to skip a top coat. I'm lazy, what can I say. This chipped after two days of normal wear. But that's nothing new. I've yet to have a nail polish that didn't chip without a top coat. From high end to high street, they all do. But I get fed up with one colour on my nails for too long so change it or take it off anyways. 

Overall I'd say the application was good. The brush was good, the brush handle not so much. It would really suit someone with a darker skin tone than my pasty white Scottish hands. I've no doubt in the summer it'll be hot!

I'm giving it 2.75/5 on the Ange beauty product scale. This is a fake scale of mine so don't take it too seriously. Oh and I'm also now selling it if you're interested. Used once!

 Angela x



  1. I love nail polish but £12.50 for one bottle is waaayyyy too much money for me. That's why I tend to buy Barry M - it's only 3 quid a bottle. Much more of a bargain. :-)

    1. I like to give myself a treat. That was a rubbish buy though :)


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