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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I had a dream on Sunday night. I know I know, you probably don't want to read about that. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Cos it's my blog.

Anyway, back to the dream. It was about someone on Twitter (person A). Someone I've followed for a good couple of years now. And by the way, it's ok to write about it here, because he doesn't follow me and therefore will probably never read or hear about my dream, with him in it. No, obviously I'm not going to name him! He once drew a picture of me from my avatar. It's kinda cool. He's pretty active in his area (work and location), has a whole bunch of cool tattoos, likes bikes and wears shorts quite a lot. But it's his smiley eyes that are lovely. Lovely.
Me, by person A
So...the dream...
It started off as a bit of a nightmare to be honest. I have these quite regularly. They feature someone from my past coming back into my life (person X). Which isn't really possible since the person is no longer with us. But somehow he manages to make an appearance in my dreams on a recurring basis. I must try to sort this out.

The crux of the dream was i was being trapped by person X. Not in a boobytrap funny kind of way but in a "I want to get out of this but can't" sort of way. Just like it was in the past when person X was really in my life. So, we were at my sisters house. I wanted to run away (nightmare). I couldn't, my legs wouldn't move. Stuck they were. Much angst and thoughts were had. I was falling back to that place I don't ever want to go back to, then lovely person A came along.

We sat on the steps of my sisters house - which isn't easily plausible since person A lives about six and a half hours drive away south of the border - but you get a fantastic view of the sun setting over the hills. Anyway the thought of it was nice. He was lovely to me (in stark contrast to person X). We chatted about all manner of things: skateboards and bikes and trainers and films and music and holiday destinations and fun stuff. There was a sunshine filled Instagram Sierra filter on my dream in this scene. I was belly ache laughing, my heart swelling with happiness. To me this scene was perfect.

Person X was still inside the house. In a black and white Instagram scene no doubt.

Person A warmed my very soul. Secretly I knew he would. With plans to meet up later he headed off on his skateboard. All tattoos and smiles. Amazing...

After this the dream headed back to nightmare status and thankfully I woke up. Remembering the person X wasn't ever going to bother me again and that person A although not here in person, certainly made my dream lovely for the time he was in it.

The End.

I know, nothing much happened, except when you have regular nightmares like i do then that fun and happy chat on the steps of my sisters house really is something to write home about. So that was it. But as the good folks over at Pixar say...
I like this :)
What do you dream about? Do they ever come true?

Angela x



  1. I keep having really vivid dreams where I have to convince myself that they didn't happen. One morning two weeks ago I woke up racked with guilt from what happened in my dream and for most of the day I couldn't shake that feeling although I only vaguely remembered the dream.

    I had one a few years ago that was scary, Chris had to go and do some work at the adventure centre that he was working at as and when he was needed. He told me what he was doing before we went to bed and I didn't think and more of it. Except clearly I did - in my dream he'd got really hurt during the tasks he was doing to the extent that I had to go to his funeral - it was kind of movie montage kind of thing because it was just images of what happened. When I woke up in the morning he'd already left for work but due to my over worked brain I was convinced it actually happened and called him to make sure he was okay. He thought I was being really silly but when I pointed out how vivid it was he realised that I was being silly but laughing at me wasn't helping lol.

    1. Gosh, that sounds really vivid. I often can't recall dreams but there are just some that stick out :)


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