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The one where I wore a skirt to work

Monday, 20 August 2012

Yes. You read the title correctly. I wore a skirt to work to day for the first time since I used to have a uniform in my Saturday job in a cheap shoe shop many many moons ago. Wowsers.

today I wore a skirt to work
I have to say I think i really enjoyed it too. Now to most girls this may not be a big deal. But for me, it is. I never wear skirts or dresses, ever. Well, I have got a couple in my wardrobe that are brought out on occassions - weddings, parties and the like. But every day wearing of skirts, no not me. Until I decided to change that.

I bought a nice little tulip type skirt from Zara in a sale. Zara are pretty good for black skirt wardrobe staples. So I have that, in my wardrobe, for a few months. Every now and again i try it on. I've even got the outfit picked out to wear with it when i eventually wear it outside of my bedroom. Then, during my holidays, i was browsing H&M and came across a pencil skirt. A nice black cotton pencil skirt. A skirt that had some elasticity in it and was a good length for my small height. I promptly grabbed two sizes, hop skipped to the changing room and tried them on. As soon as i tried it on it fitted perfectly and i loved it. It was just the right amount of fitted but not too tight. It enhanced my bum too - bonus! Luckily i had my boots on that day so it was easier to see what it'd look like in 'work mode'.

I bought it and it lay on my chairdrobe for a few weeks, until today. I had to wait until my legs were in condition since i was between waxing appointments (no razors near my legs for years!). That appointment was last week and so i was set.

I put it on, and paired it was a simple whit three quartered sleeve top and black boots (with socks). I think it looked pretty funky and i carried it off well. People at work didn't seem to notice that this was the first time in eight years that my legs have been on show... Or maybe they did and didn't want to mention it. Anyway, luckily too i packed my trusty little graphite grey TOMS flat shoes. The boots were hurting my feet pretty soon.

two views in one, yep happy with that
mirror mirror...
What i'd totally forgotten about was the obstacles you have to overcome whilst wearing a skirt to work.
1) getting in and out of the car, with dignity. No one was around so this wasn't too much of a hassle. The stretch fabric came into its own here.
testing the sitting down in skirt action
2) going to the toilet. I'd forgotten if i just had to hike up the skirt or undo the zip and drop it like trousers. I opted for the latter, it's was bit too tight to hike up around my hips.
3) stairs, going up and coming down. Up wasn't too much of a problem but coming down the stairs after a hard spin class whilst trying to look cool as two pretty hot boys looked on was a little challenge. I rose to it and passed myself off as a skirt wearing lady. Hopefully!

Ok so there were only 3 real obstacles to overcome on the day i finally wore a skirt to work. Now, i need get to other one out and give it a whirl too.
Yay to the skirts!

Angela x


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