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Sunday, 12 August 2012

So unless you've been dead for two weeks you won't have failed to notice the Olympics were taking place. Today is the last day. In the background I've just watched the men's MTB race and now is the USA V Spain final of the men's basketball. Later on tonight is the closing ceremony which promises to be emotional I'm sure. No, not because the Spice Girls will play but because it's all over. Waaaaa...

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have noticed I've been cheering Team GB on from the comfort of my couch. Everything else to me has gone out the window. I haven't been to spin class for nearly two weeks I've been so wrapped up in trying to see lots of sports on TV. I don't think some people share my enthusiasm since I've lost a few followers in this two week period. Boo hoo haha! If you haven't been touched a little by what has gone on then i don't actually know what would move you.

Highlights have been plenty. And it seems wrong to pin point a few but here are some of mine:

Bradley Wiggins and the rest of the team trying to guide Mark Cavendish to glory in the road race. It wasn't to be, sadly, but a few days later Bradley took Gold in the time trial. He owned it, right off the back of his magnificent and historic Tour de France win. Amazing.

Andy Murray wins Gold in the tennis. So so pleased for him. Finally something went his way but he totally out played the out-playable Federer. Ha! Wonderful.

Jason Kenny wins Gold in the men's sprint in a booming velodrome. Well happy that he won that. He's such a quiet and unassuming lad and it totally belies the obvious power and strength that he has. Brilliant.

David Rudisha wins Gold in the 800m race with a World Record. Such a wonderful win and a smile to light up that whole stadium.

Michael Phelps wins more Golds and retires from swimming. An amazing Olympian and i loved when he won silver against South Africa's Chad Le Clos. He was guiding him around what to do. Chad later saying he won against his idol. Must've been a great feeling!

Sir Chris Hoy wins his 6th Gold medal. My heart was pounding as he took the last lap a few metres behind. But, then he came through and took the line. Oh how we roared! A gent and an amazing ambassador for Team GB.

Greg Rutherford wins Gold in the long jump. Was this unexpected? To the experts, probably not but he wasn't really highlighted on our radar was he. Well done lad!

Usain Bolt toys with everyone and comes out in front in the 100m sprint. How could anyone doubt him? He knew what he was doing and only his team mate and training partner, Blake came close. He has the magical demeanour that everyone loves. He knows how to play the crowd, the crowds love him and he can still perform.

Down at Eton Dorney was the rowing. It's always an emotional one this one. Katherine Grainger finally won her Gold. I think everyone who watch had a teary eye, then the Sir Steve hugs. He's such a legend too. Helping Alan Campbell up those steps and to the podium to collect his medal. Hugging everyone. But my abiding memory of the rowing is him with Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase. He got Mark on his feet. Brought them up to chat after such a tense race in which they won Silver. Still amazing but they wanted Gold. We were left with tears and a petted lip from Steve, then John Inverdale crumbled in front of our eyes too. That set me off again. What makes the rowing for me is Gary Herbert, the commentator. He who was cox in Barcelona games with the Searle brothers. If you get a chance try to catch his commentary.

Laura Trott wins Gold in the Ommnium, after her team pursuit Gold. Such a slight girl and still so young. A bright talent shining on that track. More of her please!

Jessica Ennis win Gold in the heptathlon. Finally! Such a great role model and abs like steel!

Ben Ainslie wins another Gold at Weymouth. Wow that was a tense set of races, the last one being so close. But he survived. I'm delighted for him.

Mo Farah double Gold in the 5k and 10k races.

The Brownlee brothers win Gold and Bronze in the men's triathlon. If not for a 15 second penalty it would've been Gold and Silver. Still, they're young enough to go to Rio. Woo..

Wow, can't list them all but Team GB have been fantastic, for the most part. What I'm most amazed at is how it has galvanised the country. Again, for the most part, for those who are actually enthused about the Olympics. We need more of this feeling. We need to harness the talent, encourage to kids to get out there, do it, like their heroes, like my heroes. We can do it. We should do it. Why the heck not! Sure there will be tough times, economically, around the corner, but you can't deny the lift the Olympics have brought to the country. The whole country.

I have to say apart from a few teething problems with the road race, the BBC coverage has been excellent too. I haven't watched another channel for 2 weeks. It's been on constantly. A few highlights for me have been Claire Balding, Mark Foster and Ian Thorpe in the aquatic centre - brilliant natural presenting and a good duo. As well as Moorhouse and Jamieson in commentary. Then we had Jake Humphrey and Mark Cavendish in the velodrome. I loved their little tag team and Cav facts. More of Cav on my telly please! Jill Douglas down on the floor of the velodrome is always great. She has a connection with them and you can see she tries to be professional but I'm sure there were a few tears for her. Michael Johnson on the athletics is just brilliant. He brings an alternative view and lots of insight. And lastly I've really enjoyed Gabby's catch up show at 10.30 each night. Good guests, good banter and a really nice lady.

I wish I could've got tickets for some venues.
What are your favourite Olympic moments?

Thank you London, thank you BBC, thank you Olympics, but most of all THANK YOU TEAM GB for the memories and the great feeling of joy.

Angela x

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