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#NOTD Ange does Chanel Malice

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Chanel Malice. Part of the winter range this colour is everything I'd hoped OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest.
argh, flash!
You might think it's a bit like Essie Skirting The Issue from a previous post, and you might be right. But this is enough to be different and different enough that i forked out £18 for a bottle. I think the shimmer is the difference. It's red shimmer. It says 'christmas party' sparkle to me.

weird finger position shot
It's deep dark, plummy, red with the most gorgeous shimmer in it. The good thing about this is that in daylight it still leans dark plum/purple/wine and not the brownish tint that i feel OPI does.

I used to struggle with Chanel's thinner brush. Yes, I'm talking about you Chanel Mimosa! But the brush on both this bottle and my beloved Rouge Carat seem to work with ease. Perhaps I'm just getting better at application.

The formula on this was great. No runny mess, no gloopy thick stuff, just right. As ever my pictures are OPI nail envy base coat, two coats of polish and I don't bother with a top coat as i like to change my polish often. It lasted a good 3 days without the topcoat and only minor signs of wear of the ends. You can find more amazing swatches over at Temptalia
Perfect deep dark red party nails
hands look weird, don't they?!
I love this colour. It's a proper classy dark red/wine shimmer shade. It's like a darker version of my other love, Rouge Carat from last years winter collection. With a little black dress, I'll sure to be swapping between these two through this party season!

Angela x



  1. This colour is AMAZING! And it looks great on you! I finally bought it today online after missing out on it in stores! But I don't actually get it till next month :( I had to order it from America and have someone bring it to Canada as Chanel doesn't ship internationally :(

    1. Thank you!
      Aw that seems a bit of a shame. Don't they stock Chanel in stores? It was still available in my local store at the weekend. It is a great colour. So glad i picked it up. I thought Chanel formulas were a bit of a hit and miss but the ones i bought recently are good. I'd prefer a wider brush though. You'll love it on i'm sure. Great winter colour :)


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