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Clearing out for the new year

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The week between Christmas and New Year is a funny week. A strange week, not comedy funny. I decided that today I'd stay in and try to have a much needed clear out of 'stuff' that you accumulate over the year and arrange the new 'stuff' i got for Christmas. Books, perfume, DVDs and the like. 

I'm a hoarder and will keep a box if it looks nice just in case i can use it again. You know, for presents and the like. It never happens. All that does happen is that the aforementioned box lays there and collects dust. You get the picture...

I do keep shoe boxes though. For my 'good'/dress shoes. I like to keep them wrapped in the paper since I don't use dressy shoes that much. They're piled on top of the wardrobe at the moment. 

So, earlier today I tried to clear out my bookshelf/craft area/DVD storage. I got a black bag full of old papers and receipts. Receipts I'd kept in a box that were from last Christmas - JEEZOOO Angela!

I ripped them all up (therapeutic) and cleared some space. Whilst rearranging my book shelves I found 3 unused new Moleskine notebooks in various colours and a tesco freezer bag filled with Nepalese money and cards and photos from my trek. I suppose I kept it there so it was handy to reach if I wanted to show anyone. It's still there, of course i couldn't throw that out.
the book/dvd/craft shelves
the Tesco freezer bag filled with memories
I'm glad I came across the clean notebooks. I've got a pile of used cinema ticket stubs that I'm going to use in a project along with one of the notebooks...
brushes, hair potions, face potions, miracle workers and more... this'll be rearranged soon
How do you arrange your 'stuff'? I have to fit everything into my bedroom. Clothes, DVDs, crafty bits n bobs, skincare, make up, shoes, pj's, bed, suitcase, handbags, gym bag and work bag. Phew. A lot of things into one fairly square room. I tried to arrange all of my makeup and skincare bits into several Ikea Malmo drawers and other plastic storage boxes but it still isn't as neat as I'd like. After Christmas i'm going to go back and get the Alex 9 set of drawers that'll fit nicely alongside my current furniture and will house *all* of the stuff above.  

There are other areas of my life that are going to be cleared out...or perhaps just revamped. Do you do that too?

Angela x



  1. Half my belongings are still in Dad's garage following the house move in August... I've not missed much of it, save for my camera charger (which did involve a bit of a panicked hunt), so maybe it's time for some heavyweight eBay/freecycling...

    1. See everything I have cramped in my bedroom would normally be strewn elegantly across many rooms in a house, my own house, if I had one. One day that will happen. Maybe...


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