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Essie Winter Collection 2012 - mini version

Monday, 3 December 2012

This collection sort of creeped up on me. I'd read about it back in October and it slipped my mind. The Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup mentioned on Twitter that she'd bought a mini set from ASOS and i went searching again. Found the swatches over on Polishaholic (best swatches in my opinion) and decided these would be mine. Thing was, all the information i could find suggested they wouldn't be available until January.

That was that.

I headed off to Glasgow on Sunday for the last of my Christmas shopping and went into Boots. I had £23 on my Boots card and decided i'd have new La roche-posay eye cream and maybe something else. Of course I always wander to the make up section and specifically the Essie stand and lo and behold look what i found!!
Essie Winter 2012 mini set
Another cute little Essie Winter mini set for a reasonable £9.99. This one has 3 as opposed to Anna's 4 set mini from ASOS, only the turquoise blue colour is missing here. I don't mind that because those types of colours don't suit my skin tone.

What we have in this set is Leading Lady - a cranberry jelly with small dainty ruby red glitter particles in it. It looks just like Dorothy's slippers. A beautiful Christmas red glitter. We also have Snap Happy - an orange based true red creme. It's not the kind of red i tend to go for but lovely all the same. And then we have Beyond Cozy - a sliver gold glitter polish. This isn't chunky glitter but fine glitter. It would need a topcoat if you like a smooth finish. Leading Lady would need one too.
The glitter one looks really silver in this picture, there is some gold in it though
This is a set of colours that would happily go nice on any Christmas day, party night nail. I was a bit disappointed that She's Pampered wasn't in this set but luckily there was one full size bottle left so i snapped that up too.

She's Pampered is what i like to call a true red. Darker and more blue toned than Snap Happy. I'd describe it as the red from a candy cane. That proper Christmassy red. I'll definitely have this on over the next few weeks too. I can see this whole set being rotated with Chanel Malice.

She's Pampered
I quickly painted a nail with each colour to see what they were like on and they don't disappoint. I didn't think the gold glitter one would suit me but it's really nice. Perhaps i'll wear it as a ring finger accent of colour... I'll decide later.
Snap Happy red on middle finger, She's Pampered red on pinky
The formulations were smooth and triple bonus is even these mini bottles have the great wider Essie brush. Thank goodness. I hate thin brushes. You could pretty much get away with one coat if you were in a rush. Two coats for totally opacity. I'll do a proper NOTD report soon.

So glad I found these!

Angela x


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