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Monday, 18 March 2013

If you're part of the inner sanctum, you'll probably know that work hasn't exactly been a bundle of laughs for the past year or so. For various reasons that would be unwise to go into on here. Ask me, in person, I'll tell ya.

Anyway. I decided last week that no longer would I be brought down by outside factors (or irritating people). I would make my work become the happy place it so used to be back in the days of the most awesome dream team trio of Me, Linda and Brigitte. We were a great little squad.

I no longer share an office with those two lovely people. That is part of the reason it's lost its sparkle.

Anyway... I digress... or something.
afternoon work snacks help too!
Last week it hit me. I can turn this around. I can stop caring about others and their woes. I can care about the people that actually make it a great place to be. Those mentioned above, some colleagues and the awesome (if at times frustrating) students. Because i actually love the work I do and I love being a vital part of those students lives. I like to think of myself as their big sister. All 500 or so of them under my care.

So I came up with the idea of the quadruple M... The Monday Morning Motivation Meeting. It's proper official like. I've set up the meetings and everything in my outlook calendar. The committee consists of two, Me and Linda. Our inaugural meeting was held this morning and what a difference it makes. We discuss what's to be done for the week, jot them down in various to-do style lists. We don't talk about other negative influence's. We talk about getting things done. We plan, plan and plan some more. We colour coordinate the folders and get organised.

In future meetings we'll talk about how to overcome certain obstacles. Basically how to win at being happier at work. And so far it's a winner. Half an hour at that start of the week. I think that's worth the time.

Angela x


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