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Yellow dress? Red dress? The dress dilemma

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm having a dress dilemma. For an evening wedding reception I'm going to to. There's no serious panic just now since it's in September. But i like to plan ahead. Plus i've seen two lovely candidates already.

First up is this mustard yellow affair from Zara.
Zara £45.99 - this one is a bit creased
It's a sort of a-line, semi-fitted shape. A right juxtaposition there eh. It has 3/4 length sleeves and shoulder pads. It looks really simple but classic at the same time. Ever since it caught my eye in last Sunday's window shopping wander around Glasgow I couldn't stop thinking about it. I hovered over the Confirm Order button on the Zara website nearly every day last week but resisted since i wasn't sure about the sizing. My previous Zara dress purchase is a strapless black frock with a puffball skirt. Really gorgeous for a wedding a few years back. It's a size XS since i'm tiny up top and have bigger bum and thighs. The puffball skirt allowed me to buy the XS. The shape of this yellow dress meant i'd need a bigger size but i didn't want one that looks too obviously baggy up top.

Sunday saw me in Glasgow again (for my weekly cinema trip) and my first stop was to Zara to try the dress on. There wasn't any size small and only two size medium and an extra large. I grabbed a medium and headed to the dressing room. As soon as I put it on I loved it. The colour suits me to a tee.
Black and gold heel, also Zara £29.99
I looked down, and although the dress is by no means a mini skirt length, it is much shorter than i've worn since I was in my late teens. I may be a bit self conscious wearing it. It might show off more than i'd like. What do you think?

I do so love this dress. And it's a snip at only £45.99. I decided not to do my usual and panic buy. I knew there was still stock on the website. I'd seek advice and sleep on it.

24 hours have passed and I still think about it, but...

I've ordered another one from Topshop website (£48). It's this one... in RED.

My theory for ordering this one was that it looks slightly longer than the yellow one and the material is more fitted which means it's less likely to show off more than I'd like when I sit on a chair or am whisked around the dancefloor by a handsome plus one or fellow wedding guest. Hey! a girl can dream! I'll let you know how it looks on me when it's delivered.

Oh, and I plan on the loveliest pair of sky high nude coloured simple heels. Ideally Loboutin's. Most likely a pair from Dune or something. But you never know... I have a good few months to save up!

So, friends, what's your preference? Which one would you go for? Red or yellow - two of my favourite colours.

Angela x


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  1. Nice pins AH, no need to worry about the length of the yellow :)


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