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Sunday, 10 March 2013

...and what better to share than some of the blogs that have kept me entertained in the past few months.  You might have heard of them, you might not have. Anyway, here they are:

All things denim, and jeans. Celebs wearing jeans. If like me you love your jeans and celebs in said jeans the you'll love this. I love the reviews too. Informative. Except the jeans are quite expensive but handy to know about them.

Sincerely Jules.
I might've mentioned this one before. This is super stylish LA girl Jules who flits from city to city with great outfits and the coolest little knuckle rings. Great.

Barefoot Blonde.
Tales of Amber and her new husband David. Mostly Amber style and beauty stories though. Really nice blog.

Thank FiFi
Brilliant and affordable street on the streets of Glasgow with Wendy Gilmour. Peeks inside hotel rooms, London fashion week snippets and pictures that contain her dog! Great blog.

James Vs Burger
Tales of James and his partners adventures to find great food, mainly burgers, around Glasgow and beyond. My mouth waters every time i read one of his reviews.

You are my wild
You remember my all time favourite blog and blogger ever, Ryan Marshall from Pacing The Panic Room? well he stopped blogging back in July last year (HUGE SAD FACE) but he still Instagram's and give updates on there. But he's also pointed us in the direction of this place, You are my wild. It's a weekly blog of how 14 photographers see their children. Of course Ryan contributes to it. He's a great photographer. It's beautiful. Have a look.

Okay that's enough sharing for now. Hope you enjoy these above and send me some of your favourites. I think I prefer reading blogs to reading books. Ooh that's a big statement eh... I do.

Play safe kids.

Angela x


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