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#NOTD OPI I Theadora You

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yes, as you can tell, OPI have again come up with another great quirky name for this polish. This pale, creamy, milky pink polish. This polish is from the recent Oz The Great and Powerful collection.
OPI I Theadora You
This is called I Theadora You after the nice witch (played by Michelle Williams). Is she from the East or the West? I can't remember. The film is pretty decent. James Franco perfect in that role.

Anyway. The polish. This is a great alternative to the bright fuchsia pinks that I've been unusually drawn to recently. It's also less boring than a beige. It feels clean and calming on my fingers.

The formula is nice. Not too thick or thin. However, I found that it did streak a bit and I had to apply 3 coats to be sure you couldn't see my ridges or the nail line. I wore this for 3 days and had no chipping and only a few little signs of wear and tear. (Perhaps because it's quite pale I couldn't see any?). I use OPI Nail Envy as my base coat and no top coat (lazy!) but I'll have to buff my ridges down on next wearing to get that perfected look.

I love this pale pink colour though. It reminds me of Nails Inc South Molton Street or Rimmel Pro French Rose, although i'm not sure if it's a direct dupe. It's pale, creamy looking and elegant. I'd say a good wedding day manicure colour if you don't want very sheer nails. It also reminded me of OPI Pink Friday but quite a bit shearer and less 'bright'.

Overall, I do like it a lot. Nice work OPI.

Angela x

all pics were taken on iPhone 4S as you can probably tell, they're pretty grainy! oops.

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