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Outerwear acquired: H&M The New Icons Biker Jacket

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Once I get an idea into my head, it takes pretty much a herculean effort on my part to get rid of it.

So. After months of searching and debating, I finally bought myself a new jacket the other week.

My everyday jacket of choice has almost worn out after 4 years of good use. It's a Miss Selfridge faux leather bomber jacket. I bought it in a spring sale about 4 years ago. It's a great looking little jacket and I've worn it regularly ever since but it's really starting to wear out, at the back of all places.

I'd tried Zara for a replacement faux leather number but their sizes are so out that they think that a person taking a size medium should have stick thin long arms! Zara, I like you, but we're not all tall skinny model types. They were nice jackets too but the sizing, oh dear god the sizing.

Then I tried another Miss Selfridge biker style but it was way too past the point of faux for it to be passable to me. If you know what I mean (plastic looking).

Then I decided I wouldn't bother... harrumph.

Until I saw this beauty in HandM.

I present, the HandM The New Icons leather biker jacket! TAH-DAH! Ding ding ding. Queue the fireworks in the summer sky! I was extremely excited to say the least.

It's that kind of heavy thick leather that will be sturdy for everyday use, but the styling of it is such that you could dress it up in the evening. Well, casual drinks evening styling i think.

I love the quilted detailing on the shoulders, there's also a little bit of this at the bottom of the back. The back is cut a little bit shorter than the front which means I won't be wearing this in winter, but oh man it rocks. Look at it! The neck is a bit more simple than I usually go for and I love the diagonal zips on the sleeves, which are just the perfect length on me (unlike the Zara jackets).

I can't wait to wear this out, but I'm afraid I'm not going to take it out in this unusually monsoonified (yes, I just invented that word!) May that we're having.


Angela x



  1. May I ask how much this jacket sold for in store? Also which size do you buy and your measurements? I am debating to buy on online, but the site doesn't offer a sizing guide, plus its costing $299.0... worth it?

  2. Hi, I bought mine in an H&M store for £99 ($158). I usually wear a size 8-10 in tops and they didn't have a 10 so I bought a size 8 (uk sizes). It is a bit snug and I'm not sure i can wear a thick wool jumper as the sleeves would be tight but it is becoming slack with wearing. I do love it. Perfect quality leather too.

  3. Hi are u interested in selling this jacket or do you know any places I can buy it? I'm totally in love with this jacket..

    Feel free to contact me on

    Love from Denmark

    1. Hi there, this jacket is about 2 years old now but i still love it. There is one very similar on the H&M website :)


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