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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Yeah, ok, so I'll admit it... I'm missing him - lots. I've seen him nearly everyday for the past 3 and a bit years and i miss him after a few days of not seeing him. I can't wait 'til he gets home from his holidays and he makes me laugh again. We have good wee adventures and photo sessions - he's such a poser! But it's those wee cheeky sly looks or things he comes out with that I like the best. He's such a happy wee guy too. Never cries until he's hurt... or when he's taking the piss out of his mummy - which happens a lot and i can't help but laugh. He's kinda like a best friend and although only 3 years you can hold a good conversation with him. He loves playing football, driving his tractor, pretending to play drums with his knife and fork on a dinner plate (gets that from his Granda!) and playing guitar with a pen! He's funny...

In saying all of that i do fear for him sometimes. He's a little red-head you see and to boot he's got gorgeous curls (ok as a curly-head I'm biased!) and we all know that children can be cruel to each other. He'll soon be going to nursery and who knows what that holds. He's into his books too as long as they've got Bob the Builder or Peppa Pig in them. With a great imagination he started asking me 'How's your work Angie?' to which i replied 'Oh not so good, how was yours?'. His reply? 'It was good, I finised 'at wee job'. 'What was that?' I questioned. 'I painted Ganny's wall'. Then he started calling me Wendy and I had to hammer a pretend nail into a pretend bit of wood!! Anyway yeah he's got a great imagination.

He's dying to 'go up the big moutains wi Angie' and one day he will, just as soon as he gets his trail shoes sorted :o) Never mind. He'll be back soon enough. He'll be making me laugh. He'll be shouting up the stairs to me 'Angie, gie me kiss!, gie me cuddle'. Cannae wait!

Ange xx

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