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Friday, 17 July 2009

6:52am my alarm goes. It's the theme from The Exorcist (I've had this one for years). I snooze it. Then every 8 minutes it goes off again until i know that after the sixth round of it going off and me snoozing it it's now time to get up and have a shower to get ready for the day ahead.

7:40am I check Twitter via my phone. Not because I am interested but rather this seems to have become my new habit... that I must get out of.

8:25am I leave the house after a round of 'see you later alligator'... 'in a while crocodile' with "The Boy" in my life.

8.50am I arrive at the car park in work which is deserted during the summer and i head to the cafe for a fruit scone.

9.05am the computer is switched on and I proceed to open MS Outlook with no intention of fulfilling any actual work duties or reply to any work emails until I have had my daily "first thing in the morning" fix of various social networking and personal email sites.

9.10am No-one has really tweeted anything that interesting yet. But the day has just begun and there's a long way to go. I would tweet more. But I don't tend to tweet unless I feel I have something useful to say. Or unless someone asks me something then I tweet a reply. I'm always greatly amused when people can come up with great proclamations or very amusing little quirky sayings or even better some cryptic sentence that has me guessing for a few hours what they mean. I go back and re-read it and try to decipher what this coded statement means... hhmmmm I loves it!

9.25am I check work emails. Nothing new except I could buy a degree for $125 from some obscure Canadian University. I might try this...

9.35am First cup of tea of the day together with the lovely fruit scone.

10.10am Someone pops in for a chat. We chat - about boys! Mostly her though.

10.40am Check emails. No new ones. I'm waiting on a reply from someone but nothing comes in. I do a few emails to people. Type a few letters. Then start on updating some student handbooks...

11.05am Sold!! Camera sold for a good stack of cash. Celebrate by tweeting the cakes are on me!

12.30pm Lunch time. I'm hungry. Walk over to the shops and buy can of juice and a Cadbury's Caramel.

2pm Starting to really flag now and get bored as in office by myself. This of course means i have to order some stationary - one of my favourite things. Don't get too excited it's only some paper for the printers this time.

2.30pm I'm getting some really good ideas about writing stuff but don't know where to begin. It's confusing me where all this creativity is coming from.

3.15pm Tea time. I go for another cuppa and settle in to eat the Caramel that's been sitting patiently waiting on my desk to be eaten since lunch time.

4.45pm I decide it's far too quiet in work and finally time for me to begin my holidays.

5pm I'm at Tesco trying to buy something for dinner's when the 'rents are away on their hols. I buy salad, 5 apples, strawberries, Trail magazine, a bar of tablet, 2 cartons of orange juice, 1 carton of cranberry and blackcurrant juice, 6 rolls, 1 pack of smoked bacon, 1 pack of cheese. I think that's it. Not much dinner out of that eh!

5.55pm After stopping off to fill up on petrol, I am home and eating my dinner of steak pie, chips and garden peas - yummy. I play with 'The Boy'. He's pretending to cry on the floor at my feet. I rest my feet on his knees and jiggle them about until he starts to laugh. It's funny. I read some Trail magazine. I'm not feeling that great so head upstairs to watch some telly in peace.

6.50pm Log onto big communication device. Charge the wee communication device.

7pm Catch up on Tour de France highlights. I've already found out who won the stage as folk keep tweeting about it on Twitter!! Stop with the spoilers.

8pm Head upstairs again. Log in. A few amusing tweets. Decide to write this blog. But don't begin it until later. Feel a bit shitty really. Things are coming to a head I think. I talk to someone about it and they set me straight "you need to think about yourself, do things for you and no-one else". This is of course correct but I'm not good at that.

9pm Watch Big Brother. Yes ok I watch it. Don't judge me for it.

9.15pm Start typing up this blog post. My eyes are stinging today. Spending too much time in front of a screen methinks.

10.10pm Email comes in. I read and reply - takes me ages. I always write too much in replies. Don't I?

11.25pm Finishing this posting. I'm quite tired. Eyes are still nipping. Think I'll head to bed. That's it. One Day in the Life of Me. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Hopefully my holidays will bring some relaxing me time. Some exciting times. And some time in the great outdoors.

Ange xx

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