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Ice Cold Irn-Bru

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I like...
Ice cold Irn Bru; You; Philosophy senorita margarita shower gel; salt’n’vinegar KP Mini Chips; Prison Break; laughing til you cry; reading blogs; my red Rab down jacket – cosy warm; taking pictures with my new camera – loves it; Mark Beaumont; walking up the hills, day or night; midweek cinema trips – need to do this more often; listening to the sound of a heavy rainfall on the windows; hot pancakes with strawberries and ice cream; the Tour de France; Havaianas flip flops; Coldplay; Anthony Hopkins in the Sky advert; discovering new places I’ve never been before; the drive to work as it changes every day; the font Calibri; the light on the Ochils in a mid-winter sunset; Joan Miro artwork; Barcelona; my Pantone stripey mug, its lovely; the movie The Departed; Burt's Bees lip balm; sitting in the dark at night watching telly; my iPod; playing hide and seek with “The Boy” on the top landing; Dairy Fudge sweets in a tin of Quality Street; my Suunto Core alitmeter/watch - is fancy!; Jennifer Aniston’s hair; CK Eternity my scent of choice; Moleskine and Ciak notebooks; cheeky Friday scones; random chit chat in the office with Linda (oh if only you knew what we talk about!!); Antoni Gaudi buildings; happy endings; my walking boots; getting your feet wet when wearing flip flops on a balmy rainy summer evening; a good session at the gym; my pink and white checked Converse trainers; Flickr; solo shopping in Glasgow; Paolo Nutini’s new album – brilliant!; watching snow fall from the comfort of the couch; my red tartan jammie’s; VW Golf GTI’s & Audi A3’s in white; the drive to Glencoe; Lance Armstrong; the effects of CMS (ha ha); Thorntons chocolate covered fudge; bacon roll on a Sunday morning; great architecture; all this creativity that’s been swirling round my head the past few months – don’t know where it’s come from!; Bidean nam Bian – the beast, a good munro, my first; David Millar; home-made macaroni cheese, I make a mean one; that i look younger than i am; the movie Once; Kings of Leon – ace!; jaunts up the hills after work on school nights; buying kit; “The Boy” when he makes me laugh which is at least 10 times a day; writing my blog and hopefully getting better at it; colour – all colour, anything colourful; walking along with the wind blowing in your face – maybe even a wee drizzle, lost in your own thoughts. This list is extensive and maybe will even be added to occasionally as there are many things I LIKE!

I don’t like...

Lumpy mash potato; bad drivers at roundabouts; coffee of any kind; being shy; that I eat too much chocolate; Twitter spammers & junk mail; compare the Meerkat adverts; liars; people trying to sell you home insurance when you’ve just bought car insurance; garlic; when people are extremely late, not like 5-10 minutes late but half an hour late!; when your Goretex walking boots let in water; having no confidence; when people phone at the most crucial of points in the middle of a good programme; Roger Federer or rather the way the BBC tennis folk sook up to him; knee pain; tomato sauce; road works, way too much around here just now; the drive to Edinburgh; girls wearing way too much make-up; cereal bars; people driving with their iPod in, yes I have seen this!; stubbing your toe off something; bananas with black bits on them; when no-one texts you for ages and then you get one and it’s only a service message from O2 – crap; that i’m on holiday and everyone else is working – doh!!; that i never pursued my dream of becoming an architect...

Ange xx


  1. I like your choice in windshirts? The Kaza is fab.

  2. Yeah it's cool.
    What about Kings of Leon, macaroni cheese or pink trainers? :o)

  3. Kings of Leon I can take or leave.

    Macaroni cheese of course is a staple, I make it with spinach through it and like to sprinkle some grated cheese on top after it comes out the oven, pop it under the grill till the cheese melts and serve with several glasses of Medoc. See; no buckfast ;o)

    Not sure about pink ones but I run up mountains in red sneakers with orange bits on, does that count?

  4. Red 'sneakers'!!! Coooooool...

    Nope don't do spinach but melted cheese on top is a must. yum!

    I've just had another thing I LIKE - midnight feast, Ambrosia creamed rice. (a wee mini microwave pot - yum!).

    Are you on a weird shift being up this late!? I'm allowed, i'm on holiday! yay!!!

  5. I'm back dayshift in the morning but I've just come off'f nightshift so I'm struggling to get to sleep.

    I wish I was on holiday but as usual when the factory shut's for holiday's they expect us maintenance engineer types to go in and carry out the bigger jobs we dont normally have time for. :o( mind you, I get day's in lieu and overtime so I'm not complaining too much.


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