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Guess Who's Back?

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Yeah "The Boy" has arrived back from his holidays with his Ganny, Ganda and Mummy. He's all pink skin and freckles but just as cute. And I swear he's grown a few inches too! He's already run riot, ate some Strawbies from the plant out the back garden and secretly told me few new "words"... ahem, cough cough, he's learned on holiday! I told him off for it and I know you're not meant to but I did have a wee laugh to myself. Anyway here he is... all glowing and cheeky faced.
It was good to see him today as I'm now off for my much anticipated first visit to London this weekend. I can't wait. The occasion is Kate's 30th birthday party on Saturday night with a great dose of catching up, visit to tourist attractions and much fun in between all that. I've not seen Kate since we parted at Heathrow airport after the trek so it will be great. I'll be lodging with Ruth in Putney (I think?) and can't wait for that too. I managed to grab a wee hour with Ruth about a month ago when she was up North for a wedding. We met on the banks of Loch Lomond just before she drove back to Glasgow airport. It'll be great and we'll do what girls do best, catch up chit chat gossip about life and how it's all going since our epic trip to the Himalayas (did I mention how I love saying that?! ha ha).

Anyway that's my weekend sorted. There was talk of a camping trip this weekend and I'm annoyed I'll miss it but I'm sure there'll be others, guys keep me updated of plans for the next one!!

Happy weekend people,
Ange xx

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