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Monday, 6 July 2009

Why do you blog? It's a question I've asked a few folks recently and there are different answers from each. Mostly though the reply is because it's like a diary. A diary, a record, a log. Of events that are perhaps more signifcant to the writer than the reader. Or perhaps the reader quite enjoys the insights the writer gives them into their lives.

For me this blog started off as an account of the journey of the biggest and bestest thing I had done in my life up to that point. The EBC trek of course. With a few snippets of other events thrown in for good measure. I wanted it to be recorded and for it always to be there so that i or others can go and read it in their own time. On return from the trek it has turned into what I suppose you might call a diary - without the personal stuff of course!! I mean I could never let you into the deepest thoughts I have hidden away in some corner of my imagination that only ever come out to play occassionally, could I?...

There are a few clandestine stories in posts here somewhere. Some may have read them and thought "what?!" with a confused look, others may have read them, nodded and said "ah yes!".

So here's what i'll write about today...
Dad started his new job today with a local company
Recyke-a-bike. It's a community run project where they fix and repair/recycle old bikes. I say old bikes but he's assured me there a good few Trek bikes in stock just now, waiting for a new home!! Get in! This is his second job since being made redundant after 35 service!! Luckily he can turn his hand to pretty much anything. A timed-served mechanic to trade he worked as a maintenance engineer in the local tile factory for 35 years then they decided they needed someone 'more experienced in electrics' to do both jobs. He graciously accepted their word and has not looked back to be honest. He's one of those people who just can't bear to sit and do nothing and all credit to him for that. He's been biding his time with a part-time delivery drivers job for Brammer engineering and he quite enjoyed that. It got him out of the house for half the day at least and now he's got this full-time job. I am quite proud actually. There are people half his age living around about us and there's a warrant out for their working jaickets!! Lazy so and so's... Anyway I'm searching the web for a decent bike and he's going to keep an eye for me at anything that comes in. There are apparently thousands of bikes in their main storage shop and his job will be to fix them up/repair them and get them ready for selling again. So in a few weeks, if anyone wants their bike serviced, he's the man!

I've been to the gym a few times over the week and tonight's session was pretty good. I tried a different running program and it was fun and felt great. Knees still got sore but i've been stretching it all out regularly and i hope that gets better soon. Tips anyone??

Work is.... well work. Same old problem of being too quiet without all the fab students so motivation and focus just now is not quite 100%. Tasks and work is still being done but with a little less enthusiasm. It will be rememdied soon though as I'll be off on hols and 2 weeks time. Bliss!!! Cannot wait. That's all the motivation i need really to get the job done.

Oh, oh, another thing I can't wait for... Bruce 'the Boss' Springsteen at Hampden Park next Tuesday night!!! Don't know what to expect really but i did eventually watch his Glastonbury performance and man he gives it his all for nearly 3 hours! Apparently the set list changes when they go on stage at each gig so i'm hoping a few of my favs will be played next week. I have a spare ticket if anyone fancies it?? Let me know. :o)

Got a new camera the other day and it's really great. I'm loving the pictures it's giving me already (below) and can't wait to get out into the hills with it. I've even managed a pretty good panorama shot of Stiring with it. It's well cool!!

Ok that's all the non personal stuff sorted, now for the personal things...
Aye right, you didn't honestly think i'd write that down here did you??...

Ange xx

Musical update: (cool tunes I quite like indeed)
Stornoway - Zorbing
Fleet foxes - White Winter Hymnal
Bruce Springsteen - Jacobs Ladder
Paolo Nutini - Candy (love, love, love this still)
Ray Lamontagne - Burn
Blur - Tender
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Coldplay - Life in Technicolour ii
The Jam - Town called malice
Arcade Fire - Keep the cars running
The Killers - All these things I've done


  1. Do you think you're dad'll keep an eye out for a bike for me? One maintenance engineer to another and all that.In fact I wonder if I've met him already, I order a lot of pneumatic spare's from Brammer.

    Seriously tho, I'm going to be in the market for a road bike (bicycle)to get me in and out of work when I move into my new flat. It's a lot closer than where I live now so I can save petrol and get fitter at the same time!

    Running eh? I gave that up as it was hurting my knees too. low impact stuff like cycling, swimming, rowing M/C etc is best for keeping cardio fit I think. Save the knees for the hills.

  2. Aye sure i'll say to my Dad. He's 'in training' for a few weeks then the place is closed for 2 weeks holiday. The bikes are second hand mind but they repair them if needed. Where do you work? he probably did deliver in the past few months! :o)

    Aye running - it's kinda working, sore knees are a real pain though.

  3. It'll be a few weeks till I'm moved in anyway so I'm in no rush. BTW I like the idea of second hand rather than get a new one while one goes in the bin.

    I work for Haemonetics in Bothwell and I've just found out there's a Brammer almost next door!

    You maybe running too often perhaps? I found if I ran as often as I wanted I sufered from terible shinsplints.


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