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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bimbling along on another mid-week walk after work is where I do a lot of thinking. I'm not off-road on this walk but it's a good walk nonetheless. A walk full of traffic buzzing past, aromas of chips from the chippie being fried for the old dears getting their fish teas and the chitter chatter of people sitting outside the cafes in Bridge of Allan. On this very walk I prepared my list for going trekking, I plan my next weeks worth of work and now... I'm planning a new adventure! Well it's more of a challenge really cos adventures are what I have whenever i'm out walking.

It's very early in it's progress and I have been thinking of it for a few months now and I think i'm going to do it. Although I'm a bit doubtful of doing it on my own. I bought a book on it about 2 months ago and have read a few chapters. I've done some web-based research on it but costs can range from £350 - £750. I don't intend on doing it this way. As my new gym programme from new Mr Physio got under way last week I decided that for me to stick it I really do need to have an end goal, a purpose, a reason other than just plain keeping fitness up for going through this regime. And whilst at the gym on Tuesday night I decided that this would be my new challenge. Getting fit for a purpose. Hopefully it works.

I haven't set an unrealistic end goal of before Christmas as time and weather may not be on my side. So at the minute April 2010 looks like a good time. By then I may have all I need in my armour too.

So... Who's in?

Ange xx


  1. WHW??

    Go for it, you'll never be alone. Even going south I met loads of people. I spent around £100 icludimg train fare, a night in a hotel, one in a hostel and a pint every time I stopped for lunch.

  2. Ssssshhhh don't tell anyone yet!! :o)
    possible you think, for me?

  3. I reckon it's possible and then some, it's more about your mental attitude as long as you are slightly hill fit. I met people all shapes and sizes doing it. Just go at your own pace, you can't go wrong!

  4. Yeah well i trekked for a fortnight in the Himalayas (have i mentioned that before ;o)) so i'm sure my mental attitude is right - i think. My feet might hurt at the end tho, lol.

  5. you'l be fine then I 'spect ;op


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