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Five things on a Friday #36

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Apologies. I've fallen off the wagon in terms of keeping up the Friday Five blogs posts, actually that goes for blogging as a whole. Sometimes its good to take your foot off the gas and replenish ideas. So i'm skipping a few Friday Five posts. The last one was #30 and this is #36.

1) The Paralympics. How amazing have they been? Pretty darn amazing. I'm going to really really miss not turning on the tv and seeing inspirational people win medals. Withdrawal symptoms already but the 400m final is in a few short hours and i really want Oscar Pistorious to win it. He's an icon and a really good athlete. Some of the athletes taking part are so good they make you forget that you're watching people with some sort of disability. I mean, is it even right to use that word anymore. Cycling is my thing, as you know, and Jon-Allan Butterworth another one i've been watching. The whole team again have proved they have a great set up and Super Sarah Storrey - wow! Amazing. And let's not forget David Weir. One of the most unassuming superstars out there. A refreshing change. He is a superstar and should be recognised as such in the future.

2) Lawless. the movie. I've just been to see Lawless at the cinema. I'd been looking forward to this one for a while. Tom Hardy is in it afterall. It is a really good movie. Hardy plays the oldest of 3 brothers, Forrest Bondurant. In my opinion this character is a much stronger one than his Bain in TDKR. For one, you can see his face and two, he grunts and drawls his way through the film with great presence and a pretty genuine sounding southern drawl. Typical Hardy acting. I'm biased, i like his films but here he really does menacing without the armour of a Bain style uniform. Here he has a hat and a cardigan. No joke. See it. It's worth it.

3) I don't often buy myself perfume. If so it's rare. I usually get enough for Christmas to last me through the year. But... last week i was given a sniff of a new Lancome perfume and i thought i didn't like it at first but the little card with the scent lay on my drawers and the it really grew on me. So much so that i went and bought myself a bottle on Wednesday. It's La Vie Et Belle by Lancome. Julia Roberts appears to be the face of it. If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Anyhow, it's hard to describe the scent but it sticks around all day and i can't get enough of it. It's a little different to my usual Eternity by Calvin Klein or Miracle by Lancome. By the way, that was a subtle hint, you know, cos Christmas lists should be written soon *winky eye face*

4) For two weeks in a row I've completed 5 spinning bike classes per week. It's been tough, but at the same time a great feeling once they're done. Monday and Tuesday are with Claire. She's a little jumping bean of a girl. Small but perfectly toned and a really nice character. Wednesday is one with Julie and one with Tim. Julie is a brilliant motivator and a laugh. Gets you going with a smile. Tim's class is RPM. Tough as but great! He's a machine that pushes you and the last track he's been using is a dance remix of Haddaway's what is love. A laugh every time it comes on. He really makes you push yourself. Friday night's class is with Ross. A quiet guy but deadly. This is more of an interval hill climb class with only one or two breaks in the hour. Last night in particular i totally went for it. Gears higher than ever and really pushing through. Each class is different in style as well as music choice. All good though. So glad I found spinning class. trainers have been purchased and a run has been completed. I'm gonna get into that more in the future too. As well as Saturday morning Shockfit kettle bells... Start that next week. Woohooo!!

5) Connor is 3 tomorrow. I cannot believe how time has flown. He's an amazing little boy. He absolutely loves his big brother to death (although they can have a fight too!). He's got a great sense of humour and the cutest little squinty eye face he makes. You have to see it. Tomorrow is his. Happy Birthday Connor! Love you.

Angela x


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