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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dear @richardbranson @british_airways,,, and all the other travel companies that offer fantastical offers (providing you are a party of two or more) I am a solo traveller and I too would like to benefit from using your wonderful services and travel to exciting places, but I can't. You see the reason I can't is because I am a solo traveller. When your little selection box jumps straight to 'No of Adults' being 2 then I really don't stand a chance do I?

I've been researching a trip to New York city in early March 2013. I thought I'd look just now to see if I could bag myself a bargain. Oh yes, there's bargains aplenty...but only if I'm part of a couple or a two-some. This is very bothersome. You see I'd really really like to visit this city and stay in a fairly nice hotel. I mean I have standards you know. I've found a few hotels that I like that appear on all (or most) of the above websites but they are still too expensive because I am a solo traveller. Eventi, Kimpton; Ace Hotel; Distrikt Hotel; Tribeca Grand; The Standard; Hotel on Rivington to name but a few.

Hey, Virgin Holidays and British Airways holidays, why can't you have cheaper options for a single traveller? I mean if I go on to, for example, and book a room, the rate is per room per night. This is fine because I choose to do that but I'd really like the option to book a holiday, a whole holiday of flight and accommodation together at a good rate. At the moment if you say you are a solo traveller the price hikes up by at least a couple of hundred pounds. In this modern world not everyone is part of a couple - shock horror! and not everyone wants to travel with other people. I mean this is the day and age that brought us Eat Pray Love where the main character does in fact take herself off on an adventure, alone. I'd like to be able to do just that, whilst basking in a bit of luxury too.

At the minute I can afford a 2 star hotel in the middle of nowhere. I wanna stay in a fairly decent hotel (I'm fussy where I lay my head) in a fairly good location.  But the cost is proving too much, for a solo traveller. Don't get me wrong, i'm willing to pay more for a decent hotel but that's because of quality, not because i'm an uno. Also, what's up with flights from Scotland having a premium. Just wrong.

Dear Sir Richard et al, if you're reading this, please can you sort out a wee deal for me, a solo traveller who wants to be able to tick off item 23 on my 35 things in my 35th year list before the year runs out. Thankyouplease!

Angela x


  1. I'd come be part 2 of your two-some - I'd love to go to NY and I'd be going on my own I think lol. Our foster son doesn't hold a passport at present so maybe I leave him and Chris at home and go on an adventure by myself! (well as far as not with them two lol)

  2. P.s. if you're on twitter speak to @rickiewrites - she used to travel a lot by herself and might be able to recommend places in NY :)


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