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Five Things on a Friday #38 and #39

Friday, 28 September 2012

Yes. Two numbers as I missed last weeks. Oops.
Here goes...

1) I still absolutely LOVE Johnny Ramirez' hair blog If you are as into long flowing hair as i am then hop on over and take a look. I sooooo want him to do my hair. LOVE IT. Sorry for using so many caps. Just expressing how AWESOME it is.

2) Another awesome thing (or two) are those pesky lil nephews of mine. I adore them. Ryan is 6 and in primary 2 now and Connor turned 3 and goes to nursery in the morning. As far as we can tell he regales stories to them every single day. I had a long weekend off last weekend and went to spin class then spent a few hours with Connor. I kid you not, he has such a great sense of humour. He speaks to everyone, including his 'pal', the council recycling man. 'Here's my pal coming Angie' I was told. And yes, rightly so he went out to the front door and held a full on conversation with his pal, the recycler. They spoke about holidays and how he wouldn't see him next week. So cute. When he came back in he was all chuffed because he got to speak to his pal. Later on when Ryan came home from school we all went out to play on our bikes. He's just recently learnt to ride his bike so thinks its great and he was especially pleased when i suggested we play in the street. There was much whooping and laughing as i went fast down a wee hill. Such a delight to see them smile. Love.

3) I met up with @MissAKis on Monday. She showed her amazing pictures from the burning man festival in the desert and plenty more of the Grand Canyon. Amazing. Always good to chat to someone from Twitter who is real and no nonsense about them at all.

4) I bought a very cool tartan shirt from Zara, with added gold studded shoulders. It is very nice indeed. And yes, tartan is the new black. All the cool people wear plaid shirts.

aka THIS shirt. cool huh.

5) I cannot wait to see Looper with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt @HitRecordJoe (who is fast becoming one of my all time faves). I saw the trailer for the first time last week and was intrigued. And then this non-review review made me all the more eager to see it. I also want to see Killing Them Softly, with Brad Pitt finally looking his age. I think it may be a tad violent but then I'm not immune to those kinds of films. Oh and the trailer for The Candidate has made me want to see that too. Looks pretty funny. I think that's my weekend planned then.

6) I got a little surprise package in the post this week. Very thoughtful and creative, it was. 3 cd's of new (to me) music and a cool little letter to explain all. Thank you.

7) When you find a great bargain it makes everything seem good, for a few days at least. I've hankered after an Enrapture hair styling wand for a while but at £75 it's a pretty expensive piece of kit - considering my hair is already curly. And you may be wondering why I'd like one. Well, if you've clicked in the link in item 1 of this post, you'll see lovely ladies with long flowing wavy Californian curls. Mine, although awesome, does not sit like that and with this tool i can hopefully create some of those nice flowing 'just-so' wavy curls. If I can be bothered that is. I should either get up earlier of a morning or spend some time more than 5 minutes on my hair. I think some people think it's just messy but i prefer to think of it as au natural. Anyway, we'll see how i get one. I might show you some pics.

I wonder, what's been the best parts of your week? tell me your story...

Angela x

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