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Five Things on a Friday #37

Friday, 14 September 2012

Here we go. This post might actually be up before Friday is over.

1) Danny Bhoy. Contrary to popular myth, he's actually a Scottish comedian. I'd seen a poster around work (the MacRobert Arts Centre is part of my work in Stirling), and decided to go along. I'm not really into going to the Edinburgh festival around all the crowds so I thought this a good chance to go along and see what he was like. Wednesday night saw me slacking off double spin class and head back to work to the show. It was pretty good. Dear Epson is the title and it's basically about how Danny has written letters to household named companies about their products. I'm rubbish at explaining but it was pretty good and there were laughs-a-plenty. It wasn't Kevin Bridges but worth a viewing. I'd been told beforehand he was pretty good looking and whilst he was, I hated the shoes he was wearing along with skinny jeans. The shoes were a suede beige moccasin affair, yes as bad as they sound. Shoes are a deal breaker.

2) Ryan learnt to go a bike! Woohoo. Connor started nursery this week too. Woohoo. There were no tears and he loves it already. So glad. There will be photos. I just can't get them to upload to Dropbox on the laptop. Stoopid technology...

3) Talking of technology... Podcasts. I decided to download a few podcasts this week. Mostly because tv is shit after the comedown from the Olympics and Paralympics and I wanted to learn stuff. The first one was Empire movie one. The second one is The Voicemail. Here's some blurb from the related website. (I just did a shady cut n paste job so I didn't have to copy all the links myself). Go download it though. Good banter between James and SteFan talking mostly about mobile, tech, phones and other nuggets thrown in for good measure. Btw James is Whatleydude, the person who I blatantly stole this Five things on a Friday post idea from way back at the beginning of the year. I'm sure he won't mind though.

James Whatley and Stefan Constantinescu get together every week for 30 minutes to talk about the mobile industry and anything else they might fancy.

If you're using iTunes, then use this link to subscribe to the podcast. 

4) Andy Murray. He finally won a major tournament, the US open no less. Congratulations. It was televised on Sky but since there's only council telly in this house i had to listen on my wireless. It was old though. I was 'watching' along on Twitter too. It was gone 3am by the time i actually closed my eyes and went to sleep on Tuesday morning. I was knackered the next day and headed to spin class that evening but it was worth it. I always knew he'd do it one day. He beat Djokovic who I believe he is pretty friendly with so that was good (so glad Federer wasn't in the final. I really cannot stand him).

5) Last week saw me at the cinema twice in one weekend. I'd been on drought and wanted to see a few films. Saturday was Lawless. Great film, see previous post. Sunday was Anna Karenina. Keira Knightley doing Keira Knightley but she's quite good in those period drama roles. You all know the story so i won't bore you with it. The way it was shot was quite good and flowing. Not sure what i mean there but I'll try to explain. The scenes were set and at the end a background would rise up like if you were at the theatre and then another scene would appear. But it just flowed and was reminiscent of a musical. Kinda. It was a good Sunday afternoon movie. Nothing special. However, Aaron Johnston was captivating and there was one scene that thankfully lasted a while, where he danced with Anna at a ball. The dance was absolutely mesmerising. The arm and hand movements were so intricate and delicate and i just wanted to stop it slow it down and learn this dance. I still do. If you see it you'll know which part i mean. It's near the start of the film. Really really good and  magical scene. Liked that a lot. Worth a watch ... on a Sunday.

6) - bonus!

I nearly forgot. There were a few good trailers i hadn't seen before. Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon Levitt on a bike. For that alone i will see this. But but but... The Perks of Being a Wallflower. OMG. The actual trailer made me well up. It stars Emma Watson (Hermione) and a few other people and from the few minutes i saw I felt a strange bond with the main male lead, although he's meant to be about 15! So much moved was i that i bought and downloaded the book from iTunes. Can't wait to get reading. I've since heard a few reports from advance screenings and it seems like the film is great. Can't wait till it's out. 

Over and out.

Angela x


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