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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I'm a sucker for a nice shoe. I don't have any real high end designer shoes like Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo's or YSL pumps or anything like that, however I do like a good quality shoe. My first pair of expensive shoes were a pair from Topshop about 5 years ago now. They were a very high heeled type shoe with a thick heel and platform sole. Great to walk in and the neutral colour means they go with most things - jeans, trousers and skirts. They were £75 at that time. Proper expensive.

Then I bought a pair of Karen Millen wedges for summer about 3 years ago. They're a bit more tricky to walk in since the back is strapless but still a 'go with most things' summer shoe. Nice.

In between all this I usually have a pair of Converse or Toms as a comfy back up. My trusty red ones at the moment but I've had white, pink plaid and purple ones too.

Other than that I have about 5 pairs of All Saints shoes and the famous Damisi biker boot that is great in the winter with a pair of skinny trousers.

Last year when I started to get to know other high end fashion brands, I discovered Acne. Acne are a Swedish brand so you can imagine how clean and simple and stylish their clothes are. The standout for me are the really smart looking boots. Their Pistol boots being the most famous ones, probably because most other brands did a copy - Topshop did a good one. Anyway, whilst browsing Harvey Nichols shoe department (because frankly browsing is all I can afford to do there) I finally saw a pair of Acne Pistol boots, in the flesh so to speak. I tried them on. It's usually not wise to try things on because it makes you want them more. That's why they're displayed right there in front of you awaiting your delicate touch.
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

At £350 a pair these boots aren't cheap by any means. But I tried them on nonetheless - with absolutely no intention of buying, but trying them on is fine. I was a little disappointed. I think they're meant to be ankle boots. But when I tried them on the 'apron' (front part) seemed too high and the sturdy, great quality leather was digging into my lower shin. Maybe my shins were a bit chunky for the comfortable wearing of these boots. Hhhmmm. I took them off and quickly put them to the back of my mind. They are gorgeous boots though.

Then I saw these babies on Pinterest!
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Another pair of Acne boots...The Acne Star boot in a light pink blush leather. These would be great for spring summer 2013 I thought to myself. If only I were a millionaire. Again I didn't think much of them but then I saw them for real again Fraser's in Glasgow last weekend. They were really nice but they are extremely expensive for me.

I browsed further through the shoe department and came across this pair from Carvela at Kurt Geiger. I give you the 'Standard' boot.

They look almost the same as the Acne Star boot, right?! Except not in that lovely soft pink blush leather of the Acne pair. Sigh. They're on sale from £150 to £70 right now I think. I'm seriously considering them as a summer boot. I think they could look cute with my black shorts I got from Zara last year.

Anyway, I forgot about them since I don't have a spare £70 til I get paid. I decided to see if they're available on the Kurt Geiger website and they are! and for £70. Wow, tempting. But whilst browsing the Kurt Geiger website I clicked Brands and what do you know, Acne appear to be housed in the Kurt Geiger family too. Can this be true? These boots must be the 'cheaper' version of those pink blush boots. I really am now tempted by this pair.

Let's see...

Angela x


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