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Friday, 15 February 2013

It occurred to me last week that I still haven't gotten a battery for my watch. It ran out in summer last year and I've never replaced it. One reason being that when I dropped by the watch repairs concession in Debenhams in Glasgow as i was browsing the beauty counters, the guy there quoted me £25.99 for a battery. Yes, £25.99. I was gobsmacked and immediately said no thanks.

I then dropped into my local Debenhams (where I'd been previously to have batteries replaced) and the guy there said £16.99. Now who is kidding who? eh. I'd been here for a watch better for my Dad's watch and it was £9.95 if i remember correctly. A much more reasonable price.

So ever since then I haven't bothered to take the watch to have the battery replaced. I didn't go to the jewellers shops because they usually say 'oh we'll need to send it away' and frankly I just want it replaced and returned within a few hours. Somewhere surely does that now at a reasonable price? Anyone?

I toyed with the idea of getting a simple Swatch watch for Christmas but it was never more than a passing thought. But I kind of miss a watch on my wrist. I wear mine on the left wrist, by the way. (Which wrist are you?). I do have a working watch my mum bought me nearly 10 years ago now. It's a Maine watch from the men's department in Debenhams. It's a huge chunky steel affair with a rectangular face and a tight clasp. The reason i don't wear that much now is that my wrists appear to have shrunk and it slips off my wrist far to easily. It also makes typing at work a pain (another reason i tend not to wear bangles or chunky bracelets to work - the noise! the slipping off! the banging off the desk!).

Anyway, since I had some free time after having my brace fitted on Monday, I decided to pop into town to a small jewelry makers and enquire about a battery. To my utter delight (and surprise) he said that'll be £4 and you can get i back within the hour. Sold. So now I have a watch back on my wrist and if you ask me I can tell you it's twenty past three.
Don't touch my Breil
Angela x

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