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What's on my iPad?

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I stole the idea for this post... Actually no, it's in reply to a post James did over at called What's on your iPad?
iPad first page, not really into folders on here
So, if you're interested, here are my top 5 iPad apps. In no particular order.

1) - Pinterest
I absolutely LOVE Pinterest and have done since it's early release. The iPad app is so slick and is perfect for settling down with a cup of tea and being inspired. I could pin all day long if I were allowed to.

2) - YouTube
I've really gotten into YouTube, and it's really ever since I got the iPad just over a year ago. The app came as standard in the original iOS but was then removed but the new app is really great. I can open it up and watch the latest videos from the channels I subscribe to. This is also Ryan and Connor's favourite app. Ryan pretends he doesn't know what it is but he knows that white square with the black and red writing leads him to endless videos of Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

3) - Sky Go
We don't have Sky tv at home but my sister does. So as soon as I realised that Sky subscribers could use the Sky Go on two devices for free I just had to beg her for her sign in details. She only has an iPhone (my old one) so I use Sky Go on my iPad. It's been really great for me as I love sports so I've watched most of the Australian open on it, I'll be able to watch live F1 races when the new season begins and I'm currently loving the fact that I can watch new US dramas on Sky Atlantic at the same time as everyone else. Hello Kevin Bacon in The Following!

4) - iBooks
I like books, i do, but i'm not a great reader. A book has to completely suck me in for me to stick with it. But having iBooks has made me grow to love reading again. I just tap it open and settle in with a good book. I mostly do this when i have total distraction free time, which is mostly on train journeys. I pack up the iPad and then read on the train. My current book is The Passage by Justin Cronin, a recommendation from Ross (@electroross). So far so good.

5) - Tweetbot
It's no secret that i love Twitter. But the Twitter app on the iPad could be so much better than it is. That's the reason I use Tweetbot on there. Strange, because I flick between Twitter and Tweetbot on the iPhone. On the iPad is everything you need. A clear timeline. Easy to use search. Clear favourites. Heck, there's even mute filters on there if you're one of those folk who pretend to be social and follow you so you'll follow back (to get their numbers up) and they never actually interact with you and they slip up and have a conversation (in your timeline) and let that cat out of the bag and you suss out that like probably most of their timeline they've got you on some sort of Mute filter or List which means they are preaching (and getting paid for it) that they're all social and shit but actually they're probably more anti-social than you. Phew. Apologies, that's a bug bear. But, Tweetbot's pretty decent.

Anyways... what's on your iPad?
EDIT: I just hit publish then checked this post on the web. Oh wow, look how out of focus and non-retina those iPad 2 screenshots are! Jeez...

Angela x



  1. Great post. You've inspired me now!

    1. To give my Mum my Sky log in details for her Kindle HD

    2. To give Tweetbot a try.


    1. Thanks!
      You do a bit of inspiring yourself, dude :)

      Sky Go is a revelation. No movies though, sis doesn't have that in her package, however Disney channel is a go!
      And Tweetbot is quite good. I somehow can't take to the Twitter iPad app.

    2. My Mum uses Netflix on her Wii, but I'll let her know about Sky Go next time I see her. I'm sure she'll love it.

      I tried Tweetbot on iPad before but couldn't get into it (the iOS integration of Twitter is ace), however I might give it a go on my MBP as the Twitter app not only SUCKS for OSX but also isn't available in retina. Boooo...


      PS. Thanks for the compliment :) x

    3. Oh, I think Tweetbot is quite expensive on the MacBook, i'm sure when it came out it was about £13.99? I just use Twitter web on there.
      My iPad isn't retina, which at little over a year old is very disappointing but hey. Can't have everything.
      :) x

  2. I actually just got my first ipad yesterday (had been using the other half's up until now when he wasn't using it!) So far I'm loving flipboard which I'd had on the iphone but so much better on the big screen :)

    1. Ooh very nice Zoe. Which one did you get? Mine is the '2' version so no retina display. I'd probably get a mini one if i were to start now.

      I do like Flipboard too. I haven't checked it out for a little while that's why it isn't on my list above.

      Other great apps too are,, Real Move (because I love seeing into other people's homes :) ) and IMDB is pretty nifty.


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