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Just a few of my Instagram Favourites

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Before Christmas there was a big furore over Instagram and people's interpretation of the new privacy policy (which has now been changed, by the way, and so I'm not sure where we're at with that!).
Instagram web profile page
Anyway, a few people up and left Instagram defecting to other less easy or nice to use apps (IMO). Apparently Flickr gained a lot of newbies too. In the updated Flickr app I accidentally clicked DONE which I thought would take me back a step but what it did was add all of my Twitter contacts who have a Flickr account. Embarrassing. As quick as I could I deleted all the contacts as I didn't want all the cat pictures appearing in my Flickr feed too. No offence but cat or dog pics aren't really my thing. However, there were a few contacts i did keep. Simply because they take and share great pictures and I'd like to see more of them. I've had my Flickr account for years, a Pro account at that too. I always keep that paid up because Flickr is the place i share all my digital camera pictures, my unedited proper full scale pictures. Heck if you've got a spare hour you can find nearly every single picture I took in Nepal on there. It's in a named set so easy to find. Some of them aren't great but some of them are fantastic. I've tried over the years to keep it neatly organised into Sets. Some pictures have fallen through that system though. If you find me on there chances are I'll likely have a nosey around your pictures to see if they interest me. If so, you're a keeper.

So, now, this very week, Instagram has launched a new way of looking at your home feed on the web. Quite  good because sometimes I'd like to see the pictures a little larger than my iPhone screen and of course that doesn't let you zoom in on the snaps. If you've got an account just log in.

my Instagram home feed
Anyway, the point of this post was to say that Instagram may be keeping strange friends these days but I'll not delete my account, ever. And here are a few reasons why... my favourites, just a few... Enjoy!

Creative photos. Fun. Normal snapshots. Views. People. Everything. Brilliant.

Michael. So jealous of his amazing jumpstagrams. Amazing Californian beach sunsets. Landscapes. His dog.

One of my favourite ever bloggers, except he doesn't blog much now. Florida based. Wonderful family life pictures. Simply beautiful.

A bonafide surfer, who actually takes pictures whils IN THE WATER!! You are transported with him as he catches the waves. Breathtaking.

Creative and fun. Amazing Mo for Movember. He's shaved his beard off now though. Local lad. Scribbler, landscapes, Edinburgh, music, filming, FUN!

LA based fashion blogger. Great style. Outfits. Creative. Follow her fashion travels.

Glasgow based. City scenes. Sunsets. People. Great mix of scenes and pictures.

Student. Amazing jumpstagrams, landscapes and sunsets. Android user. Black n white pictures, colour too. Really brilliant.

Jason and Jeffstagram's round the world adventure. They've only just started. Get involved. iPhone 5 only photos, edited with Snapseed and Afterglow. Great pictures.

Great car pictures. I love Audi's anyway but the pictures are arty, old cars, new cars, LED's, cars, cars, cars.

Moody coastline shots. Photographer - so of course they're gonna be great!

I hope you've managed to click the links and search out a few new people to follow on Instagram, I', Ange77H over there by the way. Now who do you reckon I should follow too?

Recommendations welcome!
Angela x


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