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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shock fit suspension. Sounds like a service Kwik-Fit would offer or some kind of weird torture. It could be the latter but it's neither. Shock Fit is a new set of fitness classes that have started at my gym, The Peak in Stirling. I suppose every gym has a set of classes that they name and each one may be different but Shock-Fit is just the name they've given them at The Peak. In this set there are Core, Bells and Suspension classes. I've started the Bells and Suspension classes and so far I've been well impressed.

First bells class was last Thursday. I was a bit apprehensive about what it would be but all of that went out the window when we got there and there were only 8 of us. Actually an ideal amount for a class. You feel like you're getting one to one sessions with the trainer but there's others there for a bit of banter too.

It turns out the class was really tough but really good. There were 4 stations with various kettle bell and dumb bell weights set up and the trainer (Colin) went through each one showing us what to do. We then had a warm up and a practice at each station so we knew what weight of weights to use and how to do it. Cool. One - squatting pull ups with as high a weight as you can handle. Two - dumbbell lunges, again with as high a weight as you can handle. Lunges are not that easy once you're passed ten. Three - shoulder presses, heavy dumbbells again. Four - wall squat lean with a medicine ball weight.

The class started and we had 4 rounds of doing the whole circuit. As we went on it got tougher since you're getting more tired. But I was glad to say I was keeping up with the supposedly 'stronger' folk. High five me! By the end we were sweating and proud we'd lasted the distance. I think I knew I would be fine. I'm pretty tough and determined when i want to be.

The second bells class was Thursday just past. I'm thrilled to say i was even better this week and the instructor made me do the harder versions of each exercise station.

The first suspension class was last Tuesday. In my head I pictured us being hung from ropes and doing all sorts. What it actually is is straps on the weight machines. Again the format is four stations set up and then out to another area to do two minute step ups and a one minute rest. One station has a set of rings, two had normal grip handles and the last station has larger rings (all on straps) which are for your feet. This is a killer. Again we had a try out of each one before being set off on our four rounds.

I'd say suspension was more of an upper body workout and bells has more lower body exercise (lunges!). I really did start to enjoy the suspension class by the second round.

On the first station (rings on the end of straps). This is a standing press up. Feet as far back as you can. You leaning on the rings, then do a press up action, standing up. Not as easy as it sounds. Station two is standing rows. Stand facing the machine/wall. Grab the straps by the handles, lean as far back as you can, feet as close to the wall as you can handle then pull yourself up like a row. Again, a killer. Station three is a squat jump. Get into a low squat position, holding the strap handles keeping the strap tight. Jump up as high as you can then squat down again. Last station. Face away from the wall, put your feet into the loops on the straps. Place your hands at shoulder width on the floor, keeping your back straight. Hands still, pull your feet in and out from the wall to your chest. This is kind of like a plank where your feet are suspended and you move them in and out. It's an ab killer. A great way.

All of these are done for a minute. You then get to rest for a minute and onto a two minute step up session. And rest for a minute afterwards. That is one circuit. You do it all again for another three rounds. Four in total. My abs and legs were really sore the day after but the spin class was a good way to loosen them off.
Need to get into these Zara shorts again for summer!
All of this means I'm now exercising five times a week, and you know what? I've had a great week. I've felt more positive and I'm sure I can almost see a difference already. My problem areas are my bum and tops of legs and I've always had a smaller trunk. My abs are forming nicely and I'm excited to hopefully have a nice set of sculpted arms (not like Madonna!). That's the plan anyway.

After Thursday's bells class Colin gave us a wee chat about not weight watching and always eating breakfast. Something I've been skipping recently. Now I'll be sure to get my Weetabix or Corn Flakes on to kick start that metabolism. I've never been into diets. In fact i downright disagree with them. Everyone I've ever known to diet has lost weight, then put it straight back on when they've returned to eating 'normally'.
Basically, don't diet, eat less of these and EXERCISE
What I'd say is eat healthy. Cut out the rubbish. (Chocolate is my weakness). But that's all lost if you don't exercise. You have to work at it, and put those stupid diet books/weight watchers rubbishy meals away. There's no easy quick fix.

Angela x


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