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Saturday, 20 June 2009

It sits there in the corner of the room wrapped in bubble wrap. One corner of it ripped where she dared to sneak a look but withdrew for fear of what she would find.

3 weeks ago a courier van delivered a huge Banksy print on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Banksy (for those who don't know) is a graffiti artist. A bit of a rebel, a bit controversial but ultimately a genius. He makes you think, makes you smile, hell maybe he even makes you cry. No-one knows who he is and it's all a bit of a mystery... but i digress.

The courier rattled the front door, handed over this massive package, turned around and left. She stood there unsure what to do with it. Eventually she took it into the room and had a sneaky peak at what was inside. There she found this!

by Banksy

Quickly she covered the corner up as she thought it was really hideous. It now sits in the corner of the room gathering dust, wrapped in bubble wrap, waiting for a space to hang. She doesn't really know what to do with it and has sought a few thoughts from trusted friends. Only three trusted friends close to her, outside the mafia, know she had this delivered a few weeks ago. Some have tried to help her decide where to put it. But for now it just sits there. She'll occasionally to 'hi' to it, most of the time just walk past it, not acknowledging it's presence but it's all too visible.

She feels it would be too controversial to hang it out there. Some may even say socially unacceptable. She's scared it'll be a bad reflection on her, that her trusted friends may think she's the rebel but trusts that they do understand. Questions will be asked and she can't really face explanations at the minute. Better to keep it under bubble wrap... for now. There will come a point (and it's nearly here!) that she'll need to take the bubble wrap off, get a hammer and nail and hang it on a wall but for now, it remains untouched.

She loves art. Modern art. Contemporary art. Paintings by Joan Miro, buildings by Gaudi, heck she even loves a wee bit of Da vinci. She had a Dali delivered a few years ago and whilst on a first viewing she thought it was horrible her opinion soon changed when it was taken out of the box and opened up to reveal a colourful, wonderful, bright little masterpiece that now she thinks she couldn't live without.

Maybe she'll feel like that when the Banksy is opened up...

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