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Monday, 15 June 2009

I've kinda slacked off from posts about training and stuff recently. Partly cos I couldn't be bothered and partly cos things have got in the way recently. To be totally honest I slacked off the gym too for a few weeks after returning from Nepal. Mainly due to the pain in my ribs and then that turned into me getting out of the habit of it too. I had a wee jaunt up to the hills at Tyndrum a few weeks ago and could tell that my fitness had dropped. Slacker! So i set about getting back into the habit of the gym at least 4 times in the week with my regular Wednesday night long walk. And that's what I've been doing.

I've even been running again, albeit interval running and my dodgy knees haven't been too bad. I just really need to stretch them out - A LOT - at the gym and when I return home. Today's session was the first time that I actually enjoyed the running and could have gone on but the twinges started. I know my limits. My body knows my limits and that's who I listen to when I'm exercising. Thankfully my physio appointment has finally come through from NHS so i hope to be able to get control of this niggling problem that is a right pain in the....

Maybe you're thinking what's she training for now? and the answer to that would be... Nothing in particular - yet!! Plans are afoot and I must make a decision. Or time will be lost. Deadlines will be missed. I will have gone astray...

Ange xx

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