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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The sun is out, Wimbledon is on the telly and graduation is this week at work - it must be the summer then!

Had my first appointment with my new physio today and i knew as soon as i set my eyes on him he'd be my saviour. Regular readers (all 5 of you!) will know about my dodgy knees. It's taken a while to get here and this was my appointment just coming through from the hospital since January! NHS... but, it's here and i left feeling really really positive that the pain might be better and *whispers, might even disappear in the future. Things are looking up indeed.

I'd been through the routine, 3 times in fact. "Put your shorts on....stand there... hhmmm..." after much looking and me walking up and down the corridor a few times he decides my feet do over-pronate but not that much. Only a little bit more than the average neutral foot.

"You have orthotics?"
"any good?"
"nah no really, they don't fit in my trainers or walking boots and i only get the pain when i run or walk!"
"no they don't work for everyone"

After another look at my knees, a few stretches and holds on the table he pronounces... "I'm going to cure this problem for you..." cue the bright lights and a halo appearing above his head!!! :o) I could have actually hugged him!! I hope it works. He gave my legs a stretch, moved them in all directions and then said i have really really tight quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and IT bands. He done this almighty stretch that brought tears to my eyes but afterwards he said it made a big difference. So now i have even more stretches that I'm to do before my next appointment. To be honest i really haven't done the ones the other physio gave me to do for ages... oops! But, this time, it will be done. Every night. Religiously. Cos i am going to beat this pain, right where it hurts, and kick it into last year!!

This is good new as I have plans for this summer, big plans for more adventures and perhaps even some long distance running (that being quite a while off yet though). The fear of the pain has kinda stopped me from going all guns blazing into doing stuff but not for much longer. Holidays will soon be upon me and I cannot wait. First is a long weekend this weekend which was meant to be a trip to the Lakes but that fell through. Still have the days booked off though - result! Then it's my July holidays. Only one week booked at the minute but that will change. It culminates with a trip to London to see Roofus and Fernie. Cannot wait for that and yes I will be doing the tourist thing.

After that comes the dilemma... I still have 12 days holiday to use before the end of September. See I carried some over for the trek this year but didn't really need them as it fell on the Easter weekend and didn't have to use some days for that - another result! So... what am I to do with the 12 days of holiday?? I could book a cheap package deal holiday to some godforsaken place with pale British folk, football tops aplenty and white socks and sandals... eh no, I don't think so. I'll wait and see, I'll wing it, I'll try to be spontaneous and go with the flow, see what happens.

so... my 12 days - all suggestions will be greatly appreciated??

Ange xx

PS a long overdue musical udpate:
PAOLO NUTINI - 'nuff said.
In fact not 'nuff said, as I cannot stop playing that new album of his. Brrrrrilliant!!

"just give me some candy, after my hug" - gorgeous song.

"and the sun sets the scene, while the rain misses me, and all the time I'll be growing, growing up beside you" - just lovely...


  1. You'll be oot wi' us for some of that anyway?
    Well, maybe. I'm away to to do daft mountains in the next day or so, then i don't have a day off for about three weeks...

  2. Aye I'll be oot wi you's!
    but seriously, what do I need? (I have nathing! I need to plan, tell me?)
    What daft mountains are you away to? Enjoy.

    oh my goodness, i've just seen that old milky way advert on the telly... "the red car and the blue car had a race..." I totally forgot about that!
    Sorry that was a tangent and a half eh. :o)


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