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Thursday, 25 June 2009

BBQ at work this fine evening was grand! Nice to get everyone together that don't normally come out of the offices. Granted... there were a few missing, quite a few in fact but one day harmony will be bestowed upon DASS and people will actually make the effort to attend such all too infrequent social functions. It was graduation day today for the students from my department and I am so proud of them all. We had a great year this year, i just hope they can all go on and live to their potential. Some are returning to do postgraduate study in September, some are heading to postgrad studies at other Universities and some are being very brave and stepping into the big wide world to get a job. Good Luck to them all!!

Brigitte is off on her summer holidays from today so it'll be Linda and I left in the office for the next few months. To sit and yap the day away like a pair of old fish wives (if only people could hear what we talked about!! oh no we couldn't share it - Excuse me!! Excuse me!! ha ha), to hide behind our desks pretending to be working by 9am when really we're checking t'internet for any blog/social networking updates (oh I do hope Douglas doesn't read my blog, ha ha, we do work hard Douglas - honestly!!).

I can't talk for Linda but I am really struggling to motivate myself recently. Don't get me wrong, work is great, I really enjoy my job, love working with the fab students and wouldn't want to work anywhere else. I think the reason is it's because this time last year I was busy planning my BIG adventure, buying kit, climbing my first munro, meeting new people, finding my feet on the hills... you get the drift. Now there appears to be some sort of hole... something's missing... what I need is a new adventure to plan. Or loads of mini adventures, I'm still undecided. Never mind, I'm sure it'll hit me like a ton of bricks one day, just like Everest did... hopefully! There have been a few discussions about different things. I thought I had it settled and then I was looking at other things, and back to the first idea and round about again. I will decide.

Ange xx

Thanks idmoore.
Max Richter rocks! as does Paolo...

"So let us change what we can and
Accept what we can't
Impart some of the wisdom
From that tried and tested man..."

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