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Happy Birthday Ryan

Monday, 15 June 2009

Hey everyone

Hope you are all well - (all 4 of you! ha ha). I'm making this post about a very important little guy in my life - my gorgeous wee nephew Ryan. He's 3 today and such a great laugh for a wee boy. Never seems to let me down either. Yeah at times i run away and try to hide from him but he always seems to find me...

'Angie, where are you?'
'Angie, you upstair?'
'Angie, you hiding from me?'
Barging into the room 'there yoo are, see ah found yoo'...

He's so cute and a wee poser too when getting his photie took. Here's a few of our precious moments together.

Happy Birthday Ryan, Lots of Love, Angie xxx

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