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Thursday, 4 June 2009

She sat there thinking of a time when it was simple. When the most important decision she would make that day was whether to go to the park or play on her skateboard.....

Ah it was simple when I were a wee lass. Decisions are to be made soon but it's very difficult. Some are important decisions, life-changing even, but some are as simple as whether or not to go to the park or play on my skateboard! :-)

Dinner out during this week was a good wee night. Decisions were made that night about goals and targets, rewards and incentives. It starts now. Wonder when I'll hit my first target? Hope it's soon ;-) Newsflash - another member of the team has hit a few targets. No details as yet but I'm excited to hear more!!

I've sought advice from various sources on bigger decisions and it's not until someone explains things to you and you get an outside perspective on your thoughts that you have a clearer view of what you want to do. But so far the best advice I was given this week was..... smile more - simple!

The most important decision to be made today... should I go to Glasgow after work to find/hunt down that PERFECT dress or should I not bother? The dress is lovely, I've been lusting after it for a while but to drive all the way to Glasgow for it?... The Stirling store is out of stock and the dress is lovely - did I Mention that already. I want it for a party later in July but that'll likely be the only time it comes out for show... but it is lovely :-) Right I've decided, I'm going to go through to Glasgowshire after work, try it on at least and decide if I'll buy it when I'm there. Hey I can always wear it on the hills to get the use out of it! :-)

Now for the more important decisions... These are hard. Where to for my next challenge? Can I even afford it? Will i be able to do it? Will it be rewarding? Is there an incentive? Why do I want to do it? All of these questions must be answered. I've hit that wall on this one. But you've got to see the wall, walk up to it, go up/over/under/around it and skip on by.... it's that simple, so I've been told.... we'll see.

Ange xx

PS music - not updated for a while on this but bought the new Paolo Nutini album, so far I'm liking it!

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